A bright white Hollywood smile is a dream for many. If you have permanently stained or discoloured teeth you can use these following tips at home or get help from any good provider of Teeth Whitening Adelaide.

Tip number1: Avoid black tea, coffee and red wine

Many will not like it at all: But your favourite pick-me-up is one of the reasons for the stubborn, yellow tooth discolouration. Therefore, the wisest advice is to keep your daily consumption of coffee or other stimulants to a minimum - if not stop it altogether.

However, if you don't have the heart to do this, add as much milk as possible to the bean brew. This at least a little reduces the risk of the teeth becoming unsightly discoloured.

Tip number 2: do not take acidic home remedies

On YouTube, some influencers advise using "natural" whitening mixtures, such as lemon juice and/or baking powder. But in the long term, these will damage your teeth more than expected. Finally, the acid or soda in it attacks the tooth enamel. In the end, the pearly whites become more painful, roughened and leaky.

Tip number 3: brush your teeth regularly

Every child already knows that you should brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. In this way you can be sure that any leftover food and bacteria are thoroughly removed. Dr Neel Jaiswal also advises using an electric toothbrush. In contrast to manual toothbrushes, this should better prevent plaque and gingivitis in the long term.

Tip number 4: don't drink carbonated drinks

Anyone who drinks a lot of sweet lemonades or sugary drinks is damaging their body. But they also contain a lot of acids and can discolour and break teeth in the long term and/or with excessive consumption.

Tip number 5: choose toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide

For professional treatment by the dentist, hydrogen peroxide is usually used to whiten teeth. Therefore, when buying a whitening toothpaste, you should always make sure that it contains the ingredient. Otherwise, it does not make teeth whiter, but only removes superficial discolouration, says Jaiswal.

Tip number 6: Use bleaching products in the evening

Since the salivary glands are no longer as active at night, it is advisable to use special products for flawless teeth in the evening before going to bed. In this way, the respective product adheres better to the teeth and can develop its effect - instead of being immediately washed away by the saliva.

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