How many of you have earned the incredible experience of travelling the luxury trains?

If you are one those people, Eastern & oriental express could have been the best Luxury Trains that you have ever traveled.

What is Eastern and Oriental Express?

There are numerous trains that offer luxury feeling to the travelers, but only a limited number of the luxury trains are renowned over the globe. The eastern and oriental express is the sibling of Venice Simplon-orient-express and famous among the travelers. This E&O train has a particular route including specific stoppages i.e. Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Within this track, there are numerous trains but it’s hard to earn a luxury experience.

What makes it a Luxury Train?

The E&O is a fully air-conditioned train that is enriched with the complete list of amenities building entirely a new and incredible experience for the travelers. There are some special features that you can only witness in this luxury train.

Superb Service: There is a dedicated staff to entertain all the travelers on this train. The entire catering staff is highly proficient and skilled to bestow the best ever catering services to you. From tip to toe, you will find the delighted service during your entire journey.

Cabin System with Scheduled Tea/Coffee: There are different cabins that you can book and retain your privacy during the journey. Even within your cabin, you will be offered the scheduled on demand tea/coffee. The staff of the train is always available to serve the best of their services to the travelers.

Unmatched View from Window: What brings a huge difference in your luxury train selection is the presence of unmatched scenery that you can only visualize from the window. There are other trains too that travels the same distance but on a different track. During the whole journey, you will find numerous occasion when you will undoubtedly praise the nature.

To make this a long route train, there is a total of 132 passenger capacity given to this train, with 66 air-conditioners. The interior of the train is furnished with fabric and linen. The rooms are in form of cabins that are enriched with 24-hour service.

Apart from the above-given advantages of E&O express, the sleeper coaches are categorized as Pullmans, Staterooms and Presidential Suits. As the name signifies, the Pullmans are the cheapest accommodation that you can book for your trip. The entire cabin is offered a cozy feeling with the inclusion of sofa and folding table. But being least priced among all, they are compact in size as compared to the ordinary rooms.

In case of Staterooms, you will be given the double space as that of Pullmans added with a sofa, armchair, chair, and a well-furnished bed. Among all of the three, Presidential has the best accommodation available in this train. There is a long list of amenities that you are offered in their cabin.

So, all in all, if you want to earn the best ever experience of your life, don’t forget to book the journey of Eastern and Oriental Express.

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