Stendal is a wonderful town that has its presence in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is the capital of Stendal District and is located some 125 km west of Berlin and approximately 170 km east of Hanover. The town has a university, a market and a psychiatric rehabilitation clinic. The area houses a wide range of beautiful attractions and allows the residents to use the world-class facilities. There is more to get for those who want to spend rest of their lives in any location of the town. Undoubtedly, a remarkably growth has been noticed in the prices of the Stendal property since the recent times. That is why today the place has now become a widely preferable investment hub for many individuals and businessmen as well. These days, it is wise to buy Wohnung Stendal (apartment Stendal) in order to allow yourself to make the most out the Stendal real estate market in the future.

The town has numerous buildings and works of art from the Hanse period that have been preserved. They include the ensemble of Ihe market place as well as the town hall. Well, the latter contains the oldest secular carved screen, which dates from 1462. Both are dominated by the Uenglinger and the Tangermünder Gates as well as the steeples of the Marienkirche. The Roland statue of Stendal, a unique symbol of former glory, stands in the marketplace. It actually dates back to 1525 and is the third tallest of its kind in Germany. The town usually conducts riding tours that take visitors along beautiful avenues, through colourful woods, across rivers and meadows to beauty spots, castles and windmills. In addition to it, there are various other reasons that compel people to visit the town and buy their favorite wohnung stendal (apartment stendal) residential property.

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