Some women are overly concerned about their beauty. But more often than not, this is because men are concerned about a woman’s beauty. There is a good chance that a man gives more importance to a woman’s beauty than her intelligence. No wonder women are so fussy about the way they look.

A woman judges her beauty on various parameters. Here are some of them.

Believe it or faint – Hair roots

Forget the colour of their hair, would you believe that women are concerned about their hair roots. Say a woman dyes her hair, but there is some natural hair colour showing at the root. Result - looks of derision from other women who have dyed their hair perfectly. But the good part is that men would consider this slip up very insignificant. A man isn’t really going to check a woman’s root to determine whether she is beautiful or not. For a man – if she looks beautiful, she is beautiful.

Shaving – A beauty marker

Using that hair remover on the private parts is a personal decision. Some women as a personal choice trim it, while others shave it completely. There are still others who love a bush down there. On the other hand, shaving hair on other parts of the body, is considered hygienic and also an essential marker for beauty. For a woman, hair on the arms or legs is a strict 'no'. Men will definitely stay away from women who sport hair in places where they aren’t supposed to sport hair, until and unless they have a weird fascination for hairy women.

Hands and feet

Do men really notice a woman’s manicured hands and feet pedicure? This could be debatable, but a woman certainly thinks so. They go through a regular manicure and pedicure session to look good. Some women might claim to do this for hygienic reasons rather than for purely aesthetic reasons. The truth might lie somewhere in between. But it's not completely untrue that most men like a woman with neatly trimmed nails. Some might find bright nail polish attractive, but very few men are actually going to notice the pedicure and manicure details in a woman.

Stretch marks and the anti-cellulite campaign

Cellulite and stretch marks are definitely not attractive. So, women want to avoid them at all costs. If they have already developed stretch marks or cellulite, they want to decrease them as soon as possible. For this reason, they use a range of creams such as anti stretch marks cream and anti cellulite creams. So, why do women worry about such “imperfections”? A man would love a fit woman and somebody who has a well toned body. But that doesn’t mean that men would find a woman with stretch marks or with cellulite unattractive.

There are many other beauty factors that might worry women. Not all women go this route, but quite a number of them do. It’s a fact of life and not much can be done about it. It’s important not to see this as a generalization of all women and men and their attitudes towards beauty.

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Caitlin Thea – A beauty adviser and webmaster of an online beauty store, dedicatedly providing reviews and information on Skin Care Products. This article offers information on the various facets of beauty that concern women and whether men really consider them important. Read this articles to get few tips and anti cellulite treatments to get rid of cellulite.