Everything, our very being, consists of a myriad of interdependent relationships. From the relationship we have through this post, to the relationship between the molecules that forms the atoms of the objects of life.

We have the physicist, chemist, gynecologist, urologist, welder, gemologist, carpenter, engineer and so on who each function within their respective fields based upon the laws of relationship of their field. Their practice is to assist in the maintaining of homeostasis of their field. All relationships are interdependent. My only claim is to have some insight to these interwoven relationships, especially between God/man and mankind with one another. i had thought about writing a book on the woman at the well from scripture, instead i will share on this scripture through a series of writing on the internet. Please join me on either of my Facebook pages (Cameron A Bailey Sr or Marriage Matters 2 Me) to correspond. Thank you for your time and have a Blessed day.

The story about the woman at the well is not just about the woman, it is about the men in her life also. Every man and woman at some point can identify with the story and how one can receive emotional healing with a drink of everlasting water.

The story of the "woman at the well" comes from the bible in John 4:1-42. Please read these verses, as they are the basis of this series. My hope is that the principles extracted from this scripture will provide healing, growth and inspiration for every person of every background.

In verses 15-19 shares with us that this woman had five husbands and was presently in a relationship with a man that wasn't her husband. She admitted that this was true and noticed that Jesus was a prophet.

This "Woman at the Well" is a daughter of a man and woman; a sister, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a mother; mother-in-law; aunt; grandmother; a woman; a female; an addict; an exotic dancer; abused; gold digger and more.

As a male/man our relationship to the "Woman at the Well" is a brother; dad; one of her boyfriends; one of her husbands; a nephew; a son; a grandson; a womanizer; a pimp; a molester; and more.

It is the sum total of all our relationships and experiences in life. We each have participated in one or some of the possible experiences of this woman at the well in our own lives.

I am the son and grandson of the woman at the well. My daughters are women at the well. I have been the husband of two women at the well and the boyfriend of many others. I do not say this boastfully; i say this being ashamed, regretful, apologetic and to be part of correcting the mess i have been party to.

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