The hearts of women and men differ mainly in size, when the pumps are about the size of your heartbeat. Also, the heart muscle of oxygen and nourishment carrying coronary diameter is dependent on gender: female veins are narrower than a man's.

Heart are the men and women a little different. Coronary artery disease will stress the following tightness or oppressive pain in the middle of your chest. The pain may radiate to the arm or jaw.

In women, heart attack symptoms are not always equally clear, and not be detected easily.

Tired and weary feeling, or shortness of breath after exercise may not be able to leave a doctor, or at least not fast enough, One medical experts said.
Forms of coronary heart disease may also feel heartburn or other stomach symptoms. The body's estrogen protects the heart, so that women with a vascular diseases often men later. If a woman with per-existing lung disease or stomach problems, heart symptoms may go unnoticed.

WOMAN Is the excess pounds?

Excess weight and too little physical activity are the biggest culprits of pregnancy diabetes. Sugar metabolism disorder is one out of ten for pregnancy. The number continues to rise, if the people are gaining weight in recent years.

Losing weight after childbirth worth. Even slight lightening of eating and exercise to increase effectively prevent gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies and protect the adult-onset diabetes.

Promote heart condition by cutting off the food in solid fats, reducing the use of salt, and eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Fish and canola oil may be useful in the heart of omega-3 fatty acids. Physical activity would have to carve out time for at least half an hour several days a week.

Why men die on bed?

It is often said that men die of a heart attack straight legs, without that disease has no signs. Health Experts advises find at least one warning: Potency.

Even the side of the more than 55-year-old men have erectile dysfunction. They may be the first sign of a heart and cardiovascular disease. Of course, power can be reduced to a transient or due to medications or hormonal, psychological or neurological difficulties.

If the condition of the disposal has been the poor and the food tastes too well, it's time to make changes. The hub you want to quietly risen mound is a threat to the heart as well as the erection sides.

WOMAN & MAN smoke?

Smoking increases the stiffness and vascular calcification. Smoking doubles the minimum degree of cardiac or cerebral infarction opportunity. Also, passive smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease and the risk of adult-onset diabetes.

Tobacco is bad for both sexes, but for some reason it increases a woman's risk of heart disease even more than men.

Experts says, Women's sports fortunately seems to do more to prevent heart disease in women than in men. Regular exercise is to help control weight, lower blood pressure, increase good HDL cholesterol in the blood and improves insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism.

Blood pressure and cholesterol medications are needed if the disease is not to lifestyle changes reduced sufficiently.

Ultimately men's and women's heart risks are on the same line, then the complex genetic and environmental factors are. Both men and women engaging with the small tips, which gives the heart.

- The common is that it is never too early or too late to make changes to the heart of.

Doctor's heart tips

1. Ideal blood pressure less than 120/80 mmHg
2. Total cholesterol below 5 mmol / l and LDL cholesterol below 3 mmol / l
3. Waist circumference less than 80 cm for women, men, less than 94 cm
4. Lighten your food
5. Reduce the hard fats
6. Eat fruits and vegetables, a pound a day
7. Fish twice a week
8. Reduce salt
9. More Workouts
10. Quit Smoking

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