“Addicted to the rapid weight loss, some woman are taking this new diet craze to dangerous extremes. Women who do these juice cleanses can, and do, die from heart problems.” This is the conclusion of Dr. Oz, based upon recently published studies.

In a juice cleanse, you eat no food, just fruit or vegetable juices for a few days or weeks. The extreme low-calorie diet results in fast weight loss, but Dr. Oz said it’s mostly water weight and muscle mass — something you definitely don’t want, since muscle is what keeps your metabolism fired up.

Dr. Oz’s conclusions echo many of the traditional tenants of Natural Medicine. In other words, his conclusions are both accurate and have a long, proven history.

Doc’s Thoughts: I fully agree with him. I have seen many patients over the years do various forms of detoxing, fasting or other similar names and approach. It is rare that long term benefits are noted. It is very common and disturbing that problems arise from these approaches.

As mentioned above, you are placing a tremendous strain on the cardiovascular system. The adrenals and thyroid begin to slow down, which correlates with a slowing metabolism. Heart disease, heart attach, stroke, hypothyroidism, hypoadrenal issues, depression, lethargy, fatigue, hyper-somnia (excessive sleeping), digestive upset and anemia are just a few of the common problems which result from these approaches.

Who benefits from such approaches? If you are hyper-active, sweat a lot, have more energy that a monkey drinking espresso and plan on doing this in a retreat setting in Fiji somewhere, go for it. For the vast majority of people, it is a disaster.

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