Not all ladies are the same and the same applies for their bodies too. Body shapes of all girls are different. As a women you have to know about your body shape so that you could dress up accordingly and wear what would suit you. So, here are the different body shapes in ladies.

Hourglass figure is one shape that each girls wants for herself. Females having an hourglass body shape are equally balanced at the bust and the hips while they've got a thinner waistline. The waistline could be Ten centimeters smaller than the bust or hips. One celebrity generally popular for hourglass figure is Salma Hayek. The better part about this body shape is that all clothes look excellent on such girls. Nevertheless some specifications like deep V necklines, solid colours, body hugging dresses and long flowing gowns especially add to their shape. And, when your body looks that shocking then nobody would care to focus on your zits.

Another favored shape is the pear shape. It's also known as triangle and the traits of this figure include small busts, narrow shoulders and heavier hips and quads. Women having this sort of shape are heavier at bottom and lighter on the upper part. Some of the known faces of this type of body shape are Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna and Jenniffer Lopez. If you too have this shape, you should pick garments that make your quads and hips look slimmer. Right garments help you create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

Next comes the apple shape. It is a shape that is somehow like a reversed triangle where all the weight lies round the waist. In a case of that type, the lady has a heavier bust and smaller hips and thighs. Though this is a less common body, it exists. And, those ladies who've this body shape have to go through a ungainly experience of not looking great. If you are among them then try Dietrine Carb Blocker to get into a pleasant shape.

There are several women who have got a oblong body shape. It is reasonably similar to hourglass body shape since the bust and the hips are of the same size in both. However the only point of difference is that the waist in rectangular body shape isn't defined. Dressing up could be quite a task for ladies with this body shape.

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