As in the advert of technology people at homes are coming forward and making there hands more busy in typing and doing what?

Yes, i guess the correct answer is Freelance !

As a Freelancer if we term these very word “Freelance” on gender perspective we can get so many points that are with the women side. Let me elaborate this a little for you.

As these topic says sometimes - Are women better as Freelancer than Men?

Well as we know Freelancing is a huge field consisting of large domain of work from typing in MS word to making high technical software or web development involved.

So if we take into consideration that ‘Freelancer website design Mumbai’ or ‘Freelance web design Mumbai’ if we type in Google we get maximum of Men standing in a row saying that they deliver the best.

But as we focus more into deeper in this form there are lots of things that we can deny women can be a better freelancer than men.

Look – No one can deny that women can impress any one through their personality to people more than a guy can do online. For e.g. just putting a good picture profile it is seen that they catch attention more than person with no picture.
Communication- Women can be a better communicator as a freelancer, it is seen that if we communicate online to clients that are usual cracking of jokes and fun shared. These formula is applied more if the client is men as mostly the project managers are men. These case scenario can be a better advantage.
Relationship – Women if made good relationship with their clients helps them to get more future projects of website development from the same client.
Meetings- If in a freelancing work meet ups are involved then no doubt a women can take ​up your project through just in a meeting, the base lies where if the client have invited you in some resto or meeting places. Because sometime it more sounds more than a date than an official meeting.

There’s no doubt in the fact that despite the above factor a women should also possesses a techno savvy skills which will not only help her to get over with her lancing work but also to get a her future projects and than competing with men will anyway become more easier.

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