When it comes to fashion, we all love to put our best foot forward. But fashion is not just about the clothes, but about how you carry and accessorize them. Accessories are as important as the clothes because they enhance your overall visuals making you look better.

Accessories like earrings, hoops, necklaces, and bracelets are the most popular ones that most of us love to adorn. Handmade bracelets are definitely the most loved accessory because they are simple to carry, and they often add a lot of elegance and glamour to your look. Let’s see how bracelets do that magic.

Handmade Bracelets as a token of love/ friendship

We all have been wearing bracelets as friendship bands since a very tender age. Handmade bracelets were chosen as bands that reflected bonds of friendship and love because they look great as an accessory and also because they can be stored and preserved. Plus, there’s always a great variety of options to choose from.

Bracelets make for a great gift for a loved one too, because they are so delicate and detailed. With beautiful beads, pearls, strings, and stones, you can even make your own handmade bracelet and gift it to the special people in your life.

Why should you buy bracelets?

If you’re wondering why you should buy yourself a bracelet, then we would ask you to browse through a variety of Handmade in Montreal bracelets - ( Bijoux faits à la main). These are the most exquisite ad delicately designed bracelets that are so pleasing to the eyes and make for a great accessory.

The fragility and intricacies make these Montreal bracelets a perfect go-to accessory with any look, casual or formal. It adds the boho charm to your look.

But if you’re someone with a bolder personality, then you can choose a bracelet that reflects your personality. You can always get yourself bracelets with a lot of glitter and color. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on how you like them.

The function of an accessory is to enhance the user’s personality and a bracelet does it better than anything else.

Comfort is Important

While fashion is mostly associated with too much effort and show off, a bracelet breaks the taboo for you right here. Handmade in Montreal bracelets are so comfortable and light to wear that wouldn’t even remember wearing one. Plus, their simplicity and elegance make your dress look much more fashionable and chicer.

Plus, bracelets come in endless varieties. From basic patterns to customizable options, colorful ones, and even ones with comic characters, you can have them all.

Bracelets enhance your dress and make you feel stylish and more presentable.

Types of Handmade Bracelets

Handmade jewelry has no bounds because it is in the hand of the maker what he/she wants to do with the piece they are making. While machines are limited to the functions they perform, handcrafted bracelets are made with a number of techniques and materials.

A craftsman uses the utmost precision and skills to make create each piece of bracelet that you love to flaunt. Here are a few types of handmade bracelets that you can easily find online or in your local stores as well.

1. Wire Wrapped Bracelets

Many artisans use wires to create different shapes and also it is easy to pierce stones and beads through wires. They use different varieties of wires that can be coiled up easily and made into a beautiful bracelet with lots of wire rings around it.

2. Beaded Bracelets

The most common and loved variety of bracelets are the beaded bracelets. Made with several beads of different shapes and sizes, these handmade bracelets go well with every occasion and dress. You can make these yourself by piercing the beads through a rope, or wire. Glass beads are the most intricate handmade beads. Artists often use glass rods to create colorful and patterned beads which are then used to make bracelets and other accessories.

3. Engraved Bracelets

Another one of the most loved handmade bracelets is the engraved bracelets, where you can get the names engraved. It is a great gift because you can get the name o the people you are gifting them to, engraved on it. It makes the gift very personalized and the receiver very happy,

4. Charm Bracelets

If you’re a believer in destiny, then charm bracelets are what you need. A profound form of fan Chui, charm bracelets are said to bring good luck, health, and prosperity.

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