A man I spoke to today told me that he thinks men are making way for women in the business world.

Maybe - but mostly in a masculine way, which means simply that there is less active resistance. But women need more than a mute standing by the doorway - we need an invitation to come in, and speak out! We need to know that men are making as much an effort to learn our emotional "language" as we have theirs, for so many, many years.

Empowerment works both ways, naturally. Women need to get strong. We need to walk into rooms full of things that have traditionally frightened us, and keep our shoulders back, our attitudes determined, and our sense of humor intact.

But men, we need your help, just as you need ours.

The times - as they song went back in the '60's - they are a'changing. No ... er ... spit, Sherlock!

It's as if our society is a bird with two wings - one wing made of masculine qualities, which both sexes have access to, and one wing made of feminine qualities, which both sexes have access to - and one wing has been strapped to our side. Did we really think we could do anything but fly in circles with one wing out of commission?

We certainly did. But it's not working, is it. It is time to bring our society, our individuality, our workplaces and our homes back into balance, and that is through the honoring of the feminine.

Women, stand up. Don't let yourselves put yourselves down. Speak up, speak your truth, and know that that is all you need to do what you need to do and be who you want to be. This is called taking on the masculine qualities of strength and assertiveness (not aggression - it's not the same thing).

Men, listen: it's time for you to get active in your welcoming of women. It's time for you to be the big brothers we need you to be - to actively seek out an understanding of who we are, what we've been through, and what we can offer your world, if you will only take one...active...step...forward, and let some new rules be a part of your work world.

Time to fly with both wings, world.

Time to walk tall and beautiful, ladies.

What we discover in doing this, is immeasurable.

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Lori Kirstein is a transformational speaker, actor, writer, coach, and talk show host on BlogTalkRadio.com/EmpowermentWithout Apology, Monday nights at 8PM PST. She offers Empowerment Workshops through her Actor Factor Series. Contact Lori@LoriKirstein.com for more details.