Successful business women no matter what industry or career path they choose, share many similar qualities and personality traits. Women entrepreneurs are able to overcome adversity and bounce back quickly. They are resilient.
Resilience is defined by Merriam-Webster as " the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens." It is the ability to cope, renew and revitalize. As women we all have been exposed to stressful scenarios and circumstances in our lives. It is our own individual interpretation and the way we respond to them that either helps us to grow or sabotages our overall well being.

Entrepreneurial women, especially in this new economy, are no longer settling for the same old same old, status quo, limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been projected upon them throughout history. They recognize what needs to be done and if for some reason a problem arises they'll find a solution. Women entrepreneurs have learned greater self control leaving the overly emotional stereotypes behind.

Entrepreneurial women who are creating success in their lives are confident in their abilities. If they know they are treading in unfamiliar areas, they will seek and find the resources they need to discover the solution. When we are resilient in business, problems are temporary setbacks used as stepping stones along the way creating a bridge to the our destiny.

Whether it took years to identify what was holding them back or a recent event that created struggle, women entrepreneurs develop strategies to remove the barriers. They identify and overcome the obstacles that are in the way of their vision. Entrepreneurial women are committed with all their heart and souls to reach their full potential.

Successful women entrepreneurs co-create an extraordinary life for themselves. This is not because they are selfish or self serving, quite the contrary. Instead, it is their intention to create a better world by sharing their gifts, helping others to improve their quality of life as well. They serve and give in a bigger way without compromising their overall well being or integrity, honoring the Divine within.

Make a Plan
When running a successful business it is imperative to identify where you want to go and establish a plan. This plan includes timelines, budgets, marketing and daily methods of operation as well as building in the best practices to ensure resiliency, scheduling time to engage in stress relieving activities, improving mind, body and spirit.

Women entrepreneurs know where they want to go in their lives. They reflect on all areas both personally and professionally when they are not satisfied, and how they can be improved upon.

Entrepreneurial women know that in order to perform at their optimal capacities they mustn't react emotionally to problems that arise. They instead build awareness to any emotional triggers and design a plan that is more conducive to their over all well being and goals. As an intricate component of their plan they put in place activities that are positive and strengthening so they can perform at their best.

Women entrepreneurs establish their support systems and utilize them. They develop mastermind groups, share and collaborate and lead others to do the same.

They make certain to schedule time for relaxation, exercise or connecting with nature. Women entrepreneurs practice and apply strategies to slow themselves down when life is moving too fast. They consciously make time to breathe, freeing themselves from mental destruction. Women entrepreneurs take ownership of their actions and choices they make, never blaming others. They assess, find a better way, and take the necessary actions moving forward.

Learn to Let Go

In order to be resilient we must be willing to let go. We can not perform at our best if we are harboring emotional baggage as we move throughout our lives. Self assessment needs to be done in order to recognize behaviors that limit us and hold us back.

Women entrepreneurs on their journey to success recognize the significance of letting go. They choose to make a commitment to themselves in order to be, do or have anything their heart desires with deliberate intention to create a better world. They understand that the sooner they can release that which is not theirs, the happier they are.

As entrepreneurial women in business, we may choose to work from home or outside of our home, either way when we have a family, circumstances will inevitably arise that will interfere with our work. Women entrepreneurs prioritize and consciously choose to be present in the moment that requires immediate attention, letting go of the other momentarily.

During the letting go process we must be forgiving and gentle to ourselves. Let your Divine Self be in charge and let Ego go.

Be a Resilient Leader

In this new economy we collectively are learning new ways to manage our lives.
When we practice resiliency in any endeavor we share more positive outcomes

Women entrepreneurs especially with children have practiced the art of resiliency. They have become masters in this area in order for their survival. They have an innate ability that is a gift to be shared with others.

The interconnectedness and understanding of oneness is significant in the ability to becoming a resilient leader.
Women entrepreneurs
recognize this relationship and lead by example of how to problem solve, become a positive influence in the lives of others, optimize their performance and discover the best versions of them selves.

They understand what limits their progress and success, establish boundaries and connect with the universal life force when the going gets tough so they can find balance and harmony in the face of adversity.

Rest,exercise, eat healthy and love your life!

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Lynn Clarke is a dynamic Home Based Business Owner who formerly taught our youth how to be life long learners. Today, she teaches entrepreneurial parents how to become life long earners working less hours,leveraging the power of the internet through the elite e-learning platform of PRO U and Automatic Millionaire International�. She is passionate about leading others to live a purposeful, fulfilling life paying it forward to our global community.