She Strived to Thrive in Tech

She, what is she? It is not only a feminine identity to address a person but also a symbol of a proven growth in current business world. Yet, being bounded to various parameters many shes prevailed in achieving many milestones en route to success. With Women in Tech, the first thing that strike to a mind is the substantial growth of feminine leadership happened in the tech oriented business world.

Diversity creates business value! This diversity in technological sector might lead to the emergence of new silver linings and stars to the volatile technological sector. Be it Sherly Sandberg, Ginni Rometty or Susan Wojcicki, all have been witnessed as a great leaders and are dominating the current technology industry. Being the respective leaders of Facebook, Youtube, and IBM, these personalities have set a bench-mark for many to come. Sherly says, and I quote, “We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” This statement exemplifies on how one, an individual, could make a big difference if driven through curiosity. These shes and many like them, proved the fact that the myth of meritocracies is exist.

In this special issue, entitled “Women in Tech”, CIO LOOK tries to focus on such feminine leaders with unique ideologies and impeccable leadership traits. It features some of best in their industries who brought a change in the customary way of practicing businesses. Their firm desire and tireless efforts have contributed in creating positive impact for women to enter into such disruptive digital sector.

CIO LOOK appreciates contribution of such prolific leaders and brings out to you the June month’s issue “Women in Tech, 2019”. These women are creating a dent in the universe through unequaled tech products and solutions.

Women comprise half of the world population and their contribution in every sector is essential for the overall development. Technology reduces the barriers and offers women solid opportunity to grow. Better representation of women in technology sector is critical to tap the full potential of technology and improve various services offered by organizations and businesses. CIO Look recognizes valuable women contributing largely to technology sector. One such impeccable leader is Disa Lee Choun, and CIO LOOK feels pride to feature her as a cover of this edition. 

Let’s unveil such alike, inspiring interviews and stories of many such significant women business leaders in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also, flip through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of industrial revolutions.

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