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Some women who are raped get pregnant. So do others who may be in unfortunate relationships, or burdened with already large families. Yet it is often that case that happily married couples who could provide wonderful homes for children remain childless. Whether there is some divine logic in this, or whether it is just part of natural injustice remains a mystery.

Human beings are fighters of fate. The human spirit finds a way, even when it appears that there is no way. So, childless couples visit fertility clinics, and medical research does wonders in overcoming fertility problems. And when all else fails a childless couple may adopt and provide good homes for children who would otherwise be unfortunate.

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Despite all the solutions that have been thought up to solve the problem of childlessness, the fortunate ones are those who get pregnant easily when they want to. In these cases they do not tense up, and start feeling pressure to conceive. But if month after month goes by, and the menstrual cycle becomes something to dread as a sign of failure, the chances of falling pregnant actually recede.

There are some subtle ways to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Romance is one. If both partners enjoy making love, and do it often in various ways and places, fun can lead to fruition without much effort. But when both partners start planning too carefully, with conception rather than pleasure in mind, they may become frustrated in more ways than one.

Quietly, without fuss, a woman can increase her chances through body movements that keep wandering sperm as near as possible to her cervix where an egg waits after ovulation. It will not stay alive for as long as the sperm, so opportunities should be created gently. When a woman climaxes, her orgasm probably helps the egg and sperm to float together. She could also encourage her partner to increase his sperm count through the use of vitamins.

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A woman should prefer the man on top, and should not stand up and rush off to the shower as soon as the act of sex is over. Rather she should lie still, with her knees drawn up, eyes closed and a slight smile on her lips as though mentally feeling conception within her. This will please her partner too, and encourage more sexual activity later. The more the merrier, as far as conception is concerned.

Deep penetration will help a woman get pregnant. Ideally the sperm will be deposited in an act of mutual orgasm, as close to the cervix as possible. There the egg and the struggling sperm will stand the best chance of meeting in a happy confluence of fluids, and the miracle of life may begin.

The much maligned missionary position allows deep penetration, especially when the hips are tilted up. Rear entries are also good, but after ejaculation the woman should roll over and relax, tilting her hips in the angle that she feels best for keeping the sperm inside her. Hopefully, such simple measures will help her get pregnant without resort to more extreme action.

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Stress is a funny thing. You feel stressed because you can't get pregnant, yet that same stress decreases your fertility. Research findings prove this to be true. Women everyday are exhausted by the pressure of trying to juggle their work and home life while doing whatever it takes to get pregnant. What's the solution? Eliminate stress? Just be happy? Easier said than done- but not impossible, if you are willing to change your way of thinking. Make your work enjoyable, after all you're going to be there anyway. Try to overcome the boredom or whatever makes you feel stressed while you are there. Challenge yourself to have fun and laugh at life.

As there is an art in anything you do in life, try implementing this process at your work place. Figure out a better way. Keep challenging yourself in tasks you perform at work to keep it interesting and different. People might start to think you're crazy for working so hard, but really you know you're not crazy or working too hard, just trying to keep yourself challenged.

The point is you make your life the way you chose. It's all in the way you look at things. Make you sure you let yourself see more than just one side of the coin. There could be a blessing in disguise on the other side of the coin. The truth is you can never really control the outcome of anything. Don't jump in and force things. Changing the way you think can change everything-maybe not all at once but a little at a time. Sometimes that is all you need. Be a solution and not a problem.

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With all the stresses in life, something has to give. Stress will affect you. You can choose to be happy, enjoy life, and challenge yourself. When you stop challenging yourself, challenges will soon find you. Wouldn't you rather have the power to choose? Women struggling with infertility stress that no one else can relate to unless they have gone through it themselves. Know this: Life is precious; every moment is a treasure. At the end of the day, you cannot lose your spirit, your mental perspective. Your soul comes first.

Stress thrives on chaos and uncertainty. That is why it is so important to have a plan when dealing with your fertility issues. You need to understand the whole fertility field so that you can make choices. You must anchor and ground your spirit before you take one more step on the path. You must ensure your intimacy with your partner if you are in a relationship. You must gain perspective and try to put your mind at ease. One of the best ways to do this is through the practice of meditation. In a broad sense, meditation is the training of our mind and our spirit.

People tend to think meditation is just sitting still. But it can take many forms, and it can be for a wide variety of purposes. There is standing meditation, where you squat slightly. There is walking meditation. There are meditations practiced in solitude and meditations practiced in groups, with drumming and dancing. The possibilities are endless. But the number one goal is always the same: learning how to let go of control and any mental distractions and worries you might have.

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The other day, I heard from a women who suspected that there might be an issue with her fertility. She had been trying to become pregnant for about eight months. Nothing had happened. So, she finally decided to use an ovulation predictor to see if she had ovulated. She tried urine, but she would run out of sticks and then assume that something was wrong.

Finally, she decided to give the saliva predictors a try. Low and behold, she found out that she was indeed ovulating, but it worried her that this was happening so late in her cycle. Most times, she was getting a positive reading after day number 23. She was expecting to see a positive around day 14 so she was thinking that she was more than 1 week "late" and she wondered if this meant that her reproductive system was struggling or was sluggish in some way. She wanted to know if late ovulation is indicative of a problem with fertility or becoming pregnant. I will tell you my opinion on this (and experience with it) in the following article.

Ovulation That Coincides With Intercourse Can Result In Pregnancy No Matter When This Occurs: People often assume that the ovulation that happens late is in some way inferior to one that happens when they believe it should. I disagree with this. There are many reasons why you may be ovulating late. This time period can vary from month to month, person to person, and season to season.

And for some women, this is just the time of the month that is normal for them. The timing of this does not necessarily have anything to do with struggling ovulation. Nor does it mean that you should handle this any differently than a positive result that you would get during any other time. Simply put, when you see that positive reading, have intercourse based on the schedule for which gender you are hoping to get. (If you want a girl, you'll need to wait until the next month because you want to conceive before ovulation. If you want a boy, you'll want to act now. In addition, you'll want to follow the acidic or alkaline diets for both regimens.) If you don't care which gender you get, then you can go ahead and attempt conception regularly for a few days.

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Doing this is no different than how you would act if you got a positive midway through. Ovulating late might just be your regular schedule. It should have no affect on how you proceed. As long as this healthy egg is fertilized by healthy sperm, you should get pregnant no differently than you would during another time period. This might not be what is normal for someone else, but it can perfectly normal for you. This might be your time frame for this month only, or it might be what happens every month. As long as you ovulating though, there is no reason not to take advantage of it, no matter when it occurs.

My Own Experience With Late Ovulation And Fertility: For my first pregnancy, I did not even bother to check my ovulation. I assumed that I ovulated mid way through and acted accordingly. But, I was also pretty much a newlywed. So, I was having intercourse long after the midway point ended. And, I got pregnant pretty easily.

But when I was trying for my second child, it was not nearly as easy. A year went by and I still wasn't pregnant. I started using ovulation predictors (urine) and just like my writer I would run out of tests in the box and give up, feeling defeated. When I starting using saliva, I kept going because these are reusable. And, I found that I ovulate after day 20. I might get a positive one month on day 20 and another on day 22, but it was happening late each month.

So, I concentrated my efforts on the end of the month and I was pregnant within 2 months. See, there was nothing wrong with my ovulation time frame, and I was fertile. It's just that I wasn't concentrating my intercourse efforts on the right time frame. I was trying very hard mid way through, but when I actually was ovulating, I thought that my window had closed when really it was only beginning.

I am living proof that late ovulation might mean a delay in your regimen or time frame, but it most certainly does not, in my opinion, affect fertility or your ability to get pregnant as long as you can determine when it is happening and act accordingly.

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I was recently asked if having high levels of estrogen make you more likely to conceive a boy or a girl. This is a pretty loaded question. Obviously, being on any type of hormone replacement therapy is counter to attempting to become pregnant. And different women have different levels that are going to be "normal" or typical for them. However, when the estrogen in your body is naturally rising, this does provide some indications that you are in a certain point in your reproductive cycle. And having intercourse and attempting to conceive at different points in your reproductive cycle makes you slightly more or less likely to conceive one gender over another. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Estrogen Levels And How They Change As You Approach Ovulation: During and after ovulation is the time period where most women are at their most fertile. And estrogen levels do come into play here. Obviously, when you're trying to get pregnant, knowing when ovulation is approaching is quite important so you will know when to have intercourse. People will often attempt to gauge this by taking their basal body temperature (or bbt.) And, if you're using this method, you probably already know that you're looking for a spike or a quick rise in your temperature.

Often, right before this happens, your estrogen levels are rising and are generally high and your temperature is lower and steady. As ovulation approaches and eventually happens, progesterone levels, and temperatures, begin to rise.

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Estrogen Levels and Cervical Mucus: The consistency and texture of cervical mucus is another way that people attempt to gauge their fertility and conception times. As the estrogen levels begin to rise in anticipation in ovulation, you will often see the cervical mucus become more abundant. It will also become less cloudy, more clear and slippery, and may take on more of an egg white appearance.

This is what most people are looking for to tell them that ovulation is approaching. While the cervical mucus and taking your bbt are preferable to guessing, I feel that using a saliva or urine ovulation predictor is a much more reliable way to pinpoint your ovulation. It leaves much less to chance and requires much less guessing.

Ovulation Times And How They Affect Whether You Conceive A Boy Or A Girl: Knowing when you ovulate is only the beginning if you're trying to conceive one specific gender. Because having intercourse before ovulation actually happens makes you more likely to get a girl baby. In this case, seeing the surge of the basal body temperature might be a bit too late if you want a daughter. Likewise, when you see the thinner and more slippery cervical mucus, this could mean that ovulation has already happened. Again, this is too late if you want a girl.

Ovulation predictors (especially saliva) give you a wider window to work with. You may also want to look at your acidity and PH as these things can also affect your baby's gender. In my opinion, these criteria are much more important in determining whether you conceive a girl or boy baby than estrogen levels. These levels can certainly tell you where you are in your cycle, but it's the action that you take at this time that really matters rather than the levels themselves.

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