You find yourself going through a whole extent of emotions. You want to do a lot but are not supported or held back by familial pressures. Under such a circumstance one needs to be optimistic and believe with dedication, you will make a mark in your life. You urge to be successful should seem extremely strong. This will help you to override many obstacles. It is assumed that it would be difficult to make your parents understand and may not change your parent’s attitude toward letting you work.

There are several options to choose from, sitting at home. This gives you the flexibility to spend time with your family; it will also make you financially independent and will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Let’s consider a few careers as option that you could do from home. You need to possess some sort of training first in them.

Tutorials/Tuitions: One of the most in-demand career is that of a tuition teacher. Classes for school going children, teaching conversational English or any language to housewives and other or older students from vernacular mediums are good options.

Complete your graduation: A degree in any stream will put you in good command later in life. People sometimes judge you with your qualification. This allows you to have a transparent understanding when communicating with people. It gives you the added edge towards converting your clients into a profile. If you cannot go back to college, try doing distance education.

Cooking/Catering: Enrol for a course or try recipes on your own, using your own innovation. Catering for office-going people and students is another good option. This could be a lucrative business once you establish.

Yoga/Fitness trainer Several parents want their children to be good in extra-curricular activities. Arts and dance classes can earn you good money.
Computers: Courses in Graphic designing, Web Designing and Animation can help you freelance from home. However these courses are expensive but is relevant and convertible after the course.

Yoga/Fitness trainer: Several people from their luxury of their homes hire a yoga or a fitness trainer. Exercises are fast gaining popularity within the minds of the people. You can try and become a fitness/yoga trainer wherein you may need some training first in them.

Several women have become successful and have worked from home and have made an earning and mark for themselves after marriage. Women like Arundati Roy, Shobha De, Simi Garewal are examples and should be an inspiration for all you women. So do not be disheartened. You must face difficulties and obstacles in life. Think big, feel big, act big and be big. Face every adversity as a challenge and face it with a winners smile.

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