For almost 20 years now, I have been helping women find healing for their health, emotions, weight, body image and so much more.

Time and time again, we find there is a powerlessness women experience that is beyond biology or hormones, and even the mind. It has a deep-seated root – a root based in FALSEHOOD.

It’s time to reveal the TRUTH and SHOUT it from the mountain top!

The lies and misperceptions:

Our society carries a shaming of the woman, of being feminine, that leaves most women feeling a need to hide their light in order to feel safe.

The news, media, music and movies broadcast stories of men who can’t or won’t manage their actions in a way that respects women, and somehow we’re left feeling we are to blame. At the least, we’re left feeling unsafe to walk down the street or even to be home alone.

On top of this, women are portrayed as sex objects. There’s a strong message that we need to look and act like an airbrushed model if we want to be accepted – and yet we must act like a man if we want to be taken seriously.

It sets up a major internal conflict for women and men – a lose-lose situation. If a woman wants to be successful in the world, she is left feeling like she has to betray her very natures, day in and day out.

And so few of us actually fit the mold, most of us are left feeling unworthy or substandard because of our looks or body type or someone’s perception of who we are based on our gender.

Then we end up eating our feelings – our shame, guilt, fear and helplessness – which drives us even further from the images we are supposed to fit into and the health and energy we need.

In one of the Food-Body-Spirit classes the other day, we got into a deep discussion about this topic. It was so powerful! I found myself wanting to shout to the world – DON’T BELIEVE THE HUMANS! We tell ourselves so many lies!


The woman, by spirit, physiology and energy body – contains something so very special that makes her special in body and in spirit. Yet, most often, instead of realizing the beauty and sacredness of our nature, we carry shame.

This special element is the womb. The womb is the sacred space with the capacity to bring new life into the world. All human life comes through the womb.

The breath of God breathes life into physical form in the womb. The life force is breathed from unconditional love into the pure spirit that will become a human being – a spiritual being born into physical form to travel an extraordinary journey here on planet earth.

The womb is the bridge between the world of the unconditional love and the 3-D material world. God gave this sacred bridge to the woman.

I’ve studied with a spiritual teacher, a Sufi master, for almost 20 years. In his language, the sacred language of Arabic, the name for the womb comes from the same root as the word for compassion. The womb carries the same vibration as the attribute of compassion.

God sends the compassion and mercy to this world before us. We are contained in mercy in every moment. Compassion is known as the bridge between the worlds.

There is a cycle of life between the womb and the heart center.

The womb is the seat of compassion which brings life of pure spirits from the world of unconditional love into this material world.

The material world is the world of conditions, where there is right and wrong, good and bad, light and darkness, inside and outside. In the conditional world, we use discernment to determine the differences and keep ourselves safe. In our humanity, discernment often extends into judgments which create separation between peoples and ideals. Judgements can further divide us.

The heart center is the portal to return to the knowing of unconditional love. When we bring compassion to that which we judge as bad or wrong, or even good or right, sincere compassion from the heart returns us to love. It bridges the conditional back to the world of love regardless of conditions – the world of unconditional love.

This is the life cycle of the spirit that yearns to rest with its Source. The woman carries this complete cycle of life within her – by nature.

The nature of the woman is sacred. It is holiness, not shame!

His holiness, the Dalai Lama has said “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Many have speculated what he meant by this. I have thought bringing light to this reality described above and transforming the perception of the feminine would be the catalyst for change and healing throughout the world for all women and all humankind.

Here’s what I want to shout from my heart to your heart:

Know that all women are sacred! The feminine is sacred!

Whether you are a woman or a man, hold yourself as light and ask Source to clear you of your false pictures and fill you with truth. Ask in your meditation, prayers and healing to be cleared of the images and belief patterns held in your body/subconscious that bring internal conflicts.

You are amazing! Know your truth!


It’s time to realize the truth of what God made in us and own our true power!

Wishing you a truly powerful day.

Live & Love Joyfully,


P.S. If you’ve been conditioned to believe that God is a man or even a human, please know that this too is a great misperception and limitation of the human mind. God is a Source that precedes any notion of humanity and contains all of existence and more than we can comprehend from this realm.

If you would like help with clearing any of these misperceptions and returning to discover the truths within your own soul, you are invited to schedule a free consult. Just go to Thank you!

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Hi, I'm Debra Graugnard. I am passionate about helping you to heal the stress, emotions and belief patterns that keep you from having the health you want, the joy you deserve and the love that you are!

I'm committed to helping you recognize and care for your body and heart, both inside and out, as the sacred vessels of your soul and spirit.

My personal experience includes healing myself from ulcerative colitis, fibrocystic disease and hypoglycemia over 25 years ago - using only natural and holistic methods that incorporate food, body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

For the past 20 years, I have served as an intuitive spiritual healing practitioner with a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing & Counseling, and a focus on integrated healing for the body, mind, heart and spirit. I look forward to serving you.

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