Many people do not understand adenomyosis and think that suffering from adenomyosis will only lead to dysmenorrhea, increased menstruation, and other conditions. It may also cause some complications. Let's first understand what adenomyosis is and what difficulties it has.

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease in women, which refers to the benign infiltration of the endometrium into the myometrium and its diffuse growth. It is characterized by ectopic endometrium and glands in the myometrium, accompanied by hypertrophy and proliferation of myometrial cells around them.

Common complications of adenomyosis include dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorder, infertility, etc.

1. Adenomyosis is mainly manifested as secondary and progressive increased dysmenorrhea. During the gynecological examination, you can feel a spherically enlarged uterus with poor activity and obvious tenderness. Usually, the pain is relieved from the beginning of the week before menstruation to the end of menstruation.

2. Adenomyosis can lead to menstrual disorder, prolonged menstruation, increased menstruation, and other symptoms, and even lead to anemia in severe cases.

3. Adenomyosis will affect the endometrial environment, causing difficulties in implanting fertilized eggs in the uterine cavity and prone to ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and even infertility. Once it is found that you have adenomyosis, you should go to the hospital for inspection and treatment in time.

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The physical signs of women with adenomyosis will also change with the aggravation of the pain. Most adenomyosis patients' uterus will be enlarged, spherical, and hard.
In addition, patients also need to be alert to other complications of adenomyosis.

1. Diffuse adenomyosis with adenomyoma

Based on diffuse adenomyosis, the uterus is irregular in shape, showing localized protrusions. The location of the protrusions needs to be clarified from the surrounding boundary, the echo is uneven, and the echo of the posterior wall needs to be attenuated.

2. Diffuse adenomyosis with hysteromyoma

The uterine volume is enlarged, and the shape is irregular. The muscular layer is thickened, and the echo is uneven. The muscular layer can show low, strong, mixed, and other forms of mass echo. The boundary of the leiomyoma mass is clear, and it can be a circular hypoechoic, isoechoic, or strongly echoic area with uneven distribution. A coarse palisade-like image can be detected in it. A pseudo capsule forms a hypoechoic halo, and uterine cavity waves can be displaced or deformed under pressure.

3. Diffuse adenomyosis with adenomyoma and hysteromyoma
It shows that the uterine volume is increased, the shape is more irregular, and the echo of the muscular layer is uneven. There are unclear boundaries, uneven echo masses, and clear boundaries, low and medium echo masses.

4. Adenomyosis with chocolate cyst

Based on simple adenomyosis, a cystic mass in the accessory area was found, which could be round, oval, or irregular in shape. The wall of the mass is thickened, and the inner and outer walls are not smooth. Moderate and robust echo patches attached to the wall can be seen, and the internal sound transmission is poor. The capsule is mainly composed of dot-shaped medium echo particles. Adhesion can be seen inside, which can be a single chamber or multiple chambers. The echo of the back wall is enhanced, and it closely adheres to the surrounding tissues.

It may also cause intestinal obstruction. Usually, the focus of adenomyosis grows slowly, and it may also degenerate during pregnancy. If the scope of the lesion is relatively broad, it will invade the intestinal tract, thus leading to the severe complication of intestinal obstruction.

Finally, adenomyosis, the most common gynecological disease, makes women suffer from pain and has the possibility of cancer. Although the chance is small, patients should actively treat to avoid aggravating the disease.

Attention should be paid to the prevention of adenomyosis.

Pay attention to adjusting their emotions, maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, and make the immune system function normally; We should pay attention to keeping ourselves warm and avoid catching a cold; During menstruation, all strenuous sports and heavy physical labor are prohibited;

If adenomyosis has been found, you must maintain emotional stability during the menstrual period or the middle of the menstrual period to avoid overwork. Once the tension in the capsule cavity suddenly rises, the capsule wall will rupture, forming an acute abdomen. Avoid abortion and curettage, and do a good job of family planning.

Women should do a good job of their health care during the menstrual period, pay attention to control their emotions, do not sulk. Otherwise, it will lead to changes in the endocrine; Girls should avoid being frightened during puberty so as not to cause amenorrhea and overflow; Women must not have sex during menstruation.

I hope you can understand these common complications as soon as possible, and you should pay attention to self-conditioning methods and reasonable maintenance. Eat less greasy food and take more rest at ordinary times.

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