The fallopian tube is the place where female eggs and male sperm combine. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the two can not be combined to form a fertilized egg, so naturally, the female will not get pregnant. In real life, many women get tubal obstruction, which affects women's fertility.

Next, let's understand the causes of fallopian tube blockage and what aspects should be prevented.

What factors can lead to female fallopian tube blockage?

1. Gynecological inflammation

Some of the more gynecological severe inflammation will lead to the inner wall of the fallopian tube ulceration. Even if the inflammation is cured through treatment, the fallopian tube will also appear blocked. Such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, adnexitis, and other gynecological inflammation must be treated in time, do not delay, do not let the inflammation more severe, and cause further infections.

2. Frequent induced abortion

In sexual life, if there are no reasonable contraceptive measures, frequent abortion, in addition to affecting women's cervical and uterine health, will also affect women's fallopian tube, leading to women's fallopian tube blockage. Although the relative incidence rate is only 1%, women can not take it lightly. Even if frequent induced abortion does not cause tubal obstruction, it still dramatically impacts women's health.

3. Negative mood

If the figure is thinner, coupled with an angry and other negative mood, introverted personality, it is easy to lead to tubal obstruction, causing a tubal blockage. It is also why we can not check out what is wrong, but there will still be a tubal blockage.

4. Tubal distortion

The constitution is relatively weak for some women, and tubal peristalsis is rather poor, which will cause tubal distortion blocked. In addition to causing tubal obstruction, some women will also appear uterine prolapse. But, of course, the probability of occurrence is relatively tiny.

If the tubal obstruction has been diagnosed, especially bilateral tubal obstruction, active treatment is needed. There are many methods for the treatment of tubal blockage. Traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the ideal therapeutic effect through syndrome differentiation. Traditional Chinese medicine is often taken orally, such as Fuyan Pill.

In western medicine, select laparoscopy to open the fallopian tube is typical. However, for patients with severe tubal obstruction, or even tubal blockage leading to ectopic pregnancy resection, choose IVF.

How should women prevent blocked fallopian tubes?

1. Pay attention to your health

No matter when women should pay attention to their private health, they have to take a bath every day. If they don't have the condition to take a bath, they also need to wash their private parts with clean water every day. Don't use gynecological lotion often. Underwear should be changed and wash every day. Only doing a good job in private health problems can effectively prevent gynecological inflammation and thus prevent the occurrence of tubal blockage.

2. Do a good job of contraception

Women must not put sex in the first place in life, do not have frequent sex, especially during menstruation. However, they can have regular and appropriate sex and do contraceptive measures in sex to avoid getting pregnant accidentally. Before and after sex, both men and women should do a good hygiene and clean their private parts.

3. Diet should be reasonable

No matter when we have to do a good job in diet planning, do not often eat some junk food, because there are some improper eating habits, some unhealthy food will lead to women with increased risk of tubal obstruction. Instead, try to eat a light diet, eat some natural food, do not often eat some packaged food. Eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, and eat more lightly cooked food.

Blocked fallopian tubes will affect women's fertility and health. Therefore, all women must know the reason, avoid it in life, and pay attention to eating habits and living habits to prevent it.

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