Recently, the new coronavirus vaccine has been injected all over the world. Based on the principle of voluntariness, it is up to you to decide whether to take the vaccine or not.

Patients with endometriosis also face a choice. Recently, patients often ask: "doctor, I'm taking Desogestrel now. Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine?" Because patients with endometriosis must take Desogestrel every day to control their condition, many patients are very concerned about: will Desogestrel and vaccine affect each other? Can they vaccinate the vaccine safely? Should they stop taking Desogestrel during the vaccine?

I also asked the pharmacology, virus, and Immunology professionals and listened to their professional analysis with the patient's questions. Let's see if there is a correlation between Desogestrel and vaccine.

Conclusion: if there is no contraindication of vaccine injection, patients with endometriosis can inject the vaccine while taking Desogestrel.

Let's analyze the respective properties of the Desogestrel and COVID-19 vaccines and whether they may affect each other.
The two mechanisms are different and do not affect each other.

Let's start with the COVID-19 vaccine. It belongs to an inactivated vaccine. The inactivated vaccine, popularly speaking, is the virus or bacteria that have been killed by intramuscular injection into the body, stimulating the body to produce antibodies, thereby gaining immunity against COVID-19. Because it is only an inactivated individual and is not harmful, there is no harm to the human body after injection, and there will be no symptoms.

Desogestrel is a kind of progesterone that enters the digestive tract through oral administration. The action is to inhibit the human gonadal axis and estrogen level.

Therefore, the COVID-19 vaccine and Desogestrel are aimed at the immune system and the gonadal axis. There is no overlap between the two pathways.

Some relevant instructions of Desogestrel and the vaccine show that they would not affect each other. In addition, the instructions of some very mature inactivated vaccines and the relevant literature can not discuss the interaction between inactivated vaccines and Desogestrel.

The two metabolic pathways are different, and the "way out" is different!

After taking Desogestrel, it will be metabolized by the liver and excreted by the kidney. Therefore, patients with endometriosis need to take medicine daily and supplement the metabolized drug components to maintain the drug at a specific concentration to ensure the curative effect. After stimulating the body to produce antibodies, immune cells will swallow the vaccine. The apoptosis will disappear instead of being metabolized and decomposed by the liver system in the human body like drugs. Therefore, the way out after the two enters the human body is also different.

To sum up, briefly, the mechanism of action and metabolic mode of Desogestrel and vaccine are different. The entrance and exit of the two drugs go their way, and they should not affect each other in the body. Therefore, patients with endometriosis can decide whether to inject the vaccine strictly according to their situation while taking medicine.

Of course, after drugs and vaccines enter the human body, complex reactions may occur, and there are differences between individuals. Patients with other diseases should also analyze their condition in detail. Before vaccination, patients will fill in the form and strictly review it. If there is no contraindication, you can inject the vaccine; If there are contraindications, do not inject.
People can consult the injection institution in detail for the contraindications, adverse reactions, and risks of vaccine injection.
Endometriosis is a chronic disease that needs long-term management. In addition to some hormone drugs, patients can also choose herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to eliminate pain and other symptoms. And it will not affect the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the course of treatment, women should pay attention to diet nursing. Avoid spicy food or food with a stimulating effect that will aggravate the endocrine imbalance of the body. At ordinary times, notice their daily behavior problems. Do not touch cold water. Because cold water will affect your body constitution, making your body a cold constitution, which is easier to stimulate the uterus and aggravate the contractile capacity of the uterus.

Patients also need to pay attention to their hygiene problems. They should often clean their private parts to prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses. In particular, patients who have just finished treatment must pay attention not to have sex, which will hinder the healing of the wound.

During menstruation, women should avoid some vigorous exercise, which can easily affect the body's recovery. Especially for patients with poor physical resistance, do not eat some cold food during menstruation to not affect the next menstrual cycle.

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