The summer is one of the best times to motivate all of us women to get into better fitness shape. The reason is we do not have as many excuses during the summer as the winter.

During the winter womens fitness can be difficult because of the weather, holiday parties with all the food and it gets dark too early to workout. The most difficult part of the winter has to be all the parties. How many parties do you host and attend combined during this time of year five, six or ten parties? The month of December into January seems like one food feast after another.

All these parties and food makes it difficult to focus on healthy fitness activities during the winter. However, summer is here and exercising and fitness should be the order of the day.

What can we do during the summer for womens fitness?

Diet has to the #1 area to address first. The reason being is if you do all the exercising, aerobics and weight lifting and not change your diet you will not lose weight.

Take a look at your diet and see what can you eliminate. Eliminating a specific food is easier than modifying your entire diet.

Quick Tip #1:

Do you eat fast food like McDonald’s or Burger King along with your kids? Well, eliminate that part from your diet. Do not eat a Burger and French Fries when you go to those restaurants. Order a Grilled Chicken sandwich without the sauce and NO FRENCH FRIES!!

Quick Tip #2

Similar to the first tip, but start bringing your lunch to work. You can make a sandwich or bring leftovers from the night before. Restaurants do not have to be the only option for lunch.

Increase Days Exercising

Summer is a great time to get back into the habit of exercising again. Womens fitness options are endless.

Here are couple ideas:

1. Golf and walk the course without a motorized golf cart

2. Walk or jog the neighborhood or local park

3. Join an aerobics class, which meets two or three times a week

4. Ride a bike daily for 30 minutes

We have options during the summer for great womens fitness programs. You need to pick one that fits into your schedule. As with anything doing small steps everyday builds into larger steps down the road.

To wrap up we can see for womens fitness we need to look at our diet and look to see how we can increase our daily fitness.

Action Steps: One, decide for one month not to eat any French fries when you go to a restaurant. Order vegetables or salad instead of French fries. Two, look at your fitness program and see how you can increase your exercise time or number of days. Womens fitness will improve overall just by taking small steps everyday.

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