Have you ever wondered what type of women's shoes are consistently looked for on the internet? Well worry no more. Listed below are some of the most search queries and brands.


Aldo, or the Aldo Groupe, owns and operates a huge chain of stores that sell primarily women's shoes and accessories. They are global with over nine hundred stores in sixty countries. It first started up in Canada sometime in the nineteen seventies and has since gone on to be one of the worlds main players in women's footwear.

Because they are primarily based in Canada, the vast majority of their stores are located there. In fact, of their nine hundred and fifty stores worldwide, about four hundred of them are in Canada. For this reason as well, seventy percent of their annual sales come from their Canadian stores.

It comes as no surprise then that Aldo tops the list with their wide range of products for the fairer sex. They have since expanded their line up to include men's shoes, sandals and boots. They also offer kids footwear, handbags, swim wear and sunglasses.

Cheap Shoes

No surprises here. Many popular searches involve the word "cheap" followed by the product. And shoes are no exception. So where does one find cheap shoes exactly? Well first, lets define what cheap is. As far as women's shoes are concerned, "cheap" is anything below $10-$15. Some of the cheapest footwear you can find on the market are sandals. Some good stores that offer not just cheap shoes but those that are midrange up to expensive are Amazon.com, Zappos.com, Pricelessshoes.co.uk and Discountshoestore.co.uk.

Wedding Shoes

For that special day when you finally slip the ring on your fourth finger. Wedding shoes are huge, and a number of online vendors have cropped up to service this market area. Since they will be only worn once, you want to ensure you find the just the right one for the occasion. Some of top online stores that sell a good range of wedding shoes are Bridalshoes.com, Elegantsteps.co.uk, Weddingfeet.com and Rainbowclub.co.uk. These stores offer the full line up of shoes and accessories for bridesmaids and children as well.

High Heels

Again, I can't say I'm surprised. We know women love shoes, and they really love their high heels. Elegant and sexy, a good pair of high heels will accentuate almost any dress well. Just the thing for formal occasions or at the office, they come in a variety of heel sizes, heel types and colors. Some popular types of high heels include stiletto heels, pumps and nude heels. Where can you get them? The top websites that stock a good range of high heels include heels.com, Barratts.co.uk, Misshighheel.com as well as Asos.com.

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