“Wonderful Thaumatin Sweetener from Katemfe Fruit”

“Thaumatin Sweetner comes from the Katemfe Fruit in Africa. Many people have never heard about this miraculous fruit, and not much press has been given to the sweetener. This sweetener is very sweet, in the natural fruit state it has a slightly licorice taste, but when refined it’s very clean tasting.”
Thaumatin Sweetener was first noticed by a British Surgeon in Africa in 1840 who found the native people using Katemfe Fruit to sweeten sour food and wine.

Thaumatin Sweetener has no side effects, unlike all the chemical sweeteners on the market. It also has very few calories, in fact one gram of the sweetener only contains 4 calories… so it’s almost nothing. The fruit comes from Africa especially from Sudan and other areas… and the commercial sweetener is spreading to Europe and to the the US. For some reason it’s not being used for making little packets of sweetener but it’s used extensively in food products.

Natural Thaumatin Sweetener works great for diabetics because it has very few calories and it’s totally natural. And Thaumatin Sweetener is being used in combination with stevia because it gets rid of the bitter taste of stevia. Thaumatin Sweetener is a protein and does not create allergic reactions like chemical sweeteners. Thaumatin Sweetener is also seen by the body like other natural proteins and thus Thaumatin Sweetener is metabolized extremely well.

Thaumatin Sweetener is some where between 2,000 and 3,000 times sweeter than sucrose. That’s hard to believe but once a person partakes of one of these fruits the message is loud and clear… it’s really sweet. And so the Katemfe fruits are still being grown and used in Africa and this seems to be a well kept secret.

Other names for Thaumatin Sweetener is Talin. Thaumatin Sweetener is commonly used in ice cream, processed foods, desserts, chewing gum, milk products, soft drinks, coffee creamers, jams, jellies, yogurt, cheese, and many other products.

This low growing flowering plant is not easy to find… or even the seeds. I’ve been searched high and low to find somewhere to buy some seeds. So if you find some seeds let me know. We can always used another sweet fruit plant in our yard.

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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