Neurotherapy is simply magical for some people. They experience the wonder of the medicine-less treatment and stay amazed. Mostly, it is due to the side effects that these people experienced with allopathic medicines.

Use of pressure and massage

Neurotherapy uses no medicines. It uses the paths of the nerves and the passages of blood within the body to make recovery possible. This method is effective due to the hands-on approach that directly stimulates organs and nerves. You can consult the Best Neurotherapist in Delhi and you will see how they use only pressure and massage to treat their patients.

When there is a disease, the physical plane is disturbed. The body exists in a combination of several planes including the psychological plane, the bio-chemical plane, and the physical plane. It is the way the body signals to us that “all is not well”. This kind of pain can be spotted in one of the 16 positions around the hip and navel in the body.

Way the pain works

To understand this, one must know one thing. If you put pressure on the legs and the groin, the pain above the navel is relieved. If you put pressure on the arm and upper forearm, the pain in the lower portion below the navel is relieved. When you apply pressure on the left side of the body, the pain the right side is relieved. This will tell you how to treat the patient effectively.

People only want to see the Best Neurotherapist in Delhi since this way they get the best treatment. The Neurotherapy treatment has no side effects and so people like it. The treatment acts fast and the results are obvious soon. This is known as nadi vigyan or the science of the nerves. The body has its own mechanism to rectify the problems that it faces. This is the integrity of the body system.

Power of the body

In Neurotherapy, much importance is given to this aspect of the body having the tenacity to correct the problems that arise. The way to enhance the power of the body to heal is by applying pressure on the nerve channel so that specific organs and tissues are stimulated. The therapist also applies pressure on the blood vessels that carry the blood and fluids within the body. This will correct the rate of working of the organ and this will begin the recovery process.

The science of Neurotherapy is referred to in many ways by the people in various parts of India. One way is Ladara which is how the people of North India call it. Those in the south refer to it as Kerali Massage. Neurotherapy finds out the root cause of the disorder and then rectifies it. This is done by analysing the biochemical imbalance and then rectifying it.

Usually, pressure or massage is applied through the feet. The therapist uses chairs on either side of the patient to apply the pressure. He stands up on the chair and then carefully applies pressure on the patient. He takes care to see that the pressure is skilfully controlled. Then, he used massage to control the blood flow.

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