But not! Today, web sites earn a lot of different ways, which makes them make a lot more money than a few years ago.

By reviewing the case of large sites such as " How " in this article, I intend to list different revenue generating methods for content-centered websites. If your website is either content-based or if you intend to launch an online business based on content creation, this article will certainly help you increase your revenue. So be with me.

4 Monetization Methods for Content Websites

First, it's best to know that in many ways your website must have high-quality content and targeted website traffic. In fact, some methods are directly related to your website traffic. That is, the more traffic your website is, the more likely it will be for you to earn money.

Also, the use of some methods will require a high reputation for your website. In fact, you need to have a familiar and well-known name website to give the advertiser more efficacy.




1.Special feature

A special membership is especially useful for websites that offer educational content. In this way, the quality of the content is considered, and in no way the traffic of the site in this way is not important to generate income. The more specific and valuable content you provide, the more likely you will be to generate income.

If you use WordPress, it's very easy to set up such a system on your site. To do this, it's best to use plugins that are linked to a special membership.

One of the sites as well as the income of the procedure site " Amendment " is. Indeed, this site is the only site that principally carries out content marketing in the US.

One of the best features of this site is that once the user has restricted access to the content, he will immediately be offered free-to-use content on the same subject. This work is repeated so that the user is encouraged to access the site's special content and adds membership on the site.

  1. Content Ads

Content ads are roughly like click advertising. This means that you pay for your clicks, but with the difference that these types of ads are more targeted and used for publishing content on the web.

For example, you wrote an article on digital marketing, and when you use content advertising on your website, exactly the pages that are relevant to your article are being offered to users on that page.

It's just like to suggest reading other articles related to the site's users, with the difference that the articles from other sites are offered in this way.

The use of this method is very convenient for websites that offer high quality content. Because in this way, the user's mind is not very suggestive in terms of advertising, and what matters to him is the need to resolve it.


3.Key ads

One of the best revenues generating methods for sites that are content-centric and high-traffic to buy website traffic and using click advertising. Many companies operate in the field of publicity advertisements such as CNN in US, through which you can place this kind of advertising on your site.

In this way, you get an income per click per IP. For example, if every click is 100 USD, and your site traffic will be 10 thousand visits per day, and only 1000 people click on your click advertising each day, you will earn an income of 100 thousand dollars a day. The well-kept secret of many successful businesses is that they supplement their sales and marketing efforts with them.  Join the countless businesses that know that buying website traffic can help them increase their visibility in the marketplace and ultimately, helps them to increase market share. Generally, websites that generate revenue generate their own click advertising banners on the sidebar and sidebar of their site pages.

It's also interesting to know that the clickable advertisements that appear on your site may change from time to time, which will result in a variety of ads and more visitors to your site.


  1. Advertisement creation

Advertising reportage is usually done with the purpose of SEO. Reproduction of adverts related to the topic of the site is specifically prepared by the admissions or advertiser's site, with the aim of receiving quality backlinks and introducing other business services.

Reposting is a permanent ad and will never be deleted from the site. That's why it generates permanent and quality backlinks for the advertiser's site. Because there are more adverts to improve SEO, your site needs to be highlighted in addition to high traffic. In fact, sites that have a high domain name can be more focused on getting the advert repo order.

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