As many other forms of marketing and advertising crop up, brands have shifted their focus from traditional marketing thanks to digitalization. Despite being considered a traditional form of marketing, word of mouth has remained relevant in the changing landscape. With close to half the world’s population spending time on social media platforms, word-of-mouth recommendations can now spread like wildfire.

The decision to purchase products or services is often influenced by the opinions of those around us, making word of mouth a powerful marketing strategy. Through referrals, businesses are able to build loyal communities and create a genuine buzz around their products, which in turn increases their sales.

Can you monetize word of mouth? According to WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol, their blockchain-based protocol is geared towards helping content creators, influencers, and publishers make money from genuine word-of-mouth recommendations. Their app, BULLZ, which is currently available on Android and iOS, allows users to earn WOM Tokens. This platform rewards users for crypto and blockchain-related recommendations and is the first dedicated platform for this type of content.

Using this “promote-and-earn” model, BULLZ is empowering creators and becoming the TikTok of the crypto world. According to the founder and CEO of BULLZ, Melanie Mohr, the platform is an ideal way to gain honest recommendations on crypto and blockchain. It is also a valuable marketing and learning tool for crypto enthusiasts.

“The BULLZ app is built on authentic recommendations giving the users reliable, trustworthy, and genuine information,” says Melanie. To ensure this, every recommendation is authenticated and peer-reviewed before users can start earning.

Relying on word-of-mouth marketing in any industry is inexpensive yet very effective. The team at BULLZ explains that positive word-of-mouth referrals can build a business from the ground up. In this case, the crypto world is still a relatively new concept to many people. Therefore, word-of-mouth recommendations play a huge role in educating people about blockchain, crypto, new projects, and everything to do with the industry.

For brands and projects, BULLZ is a one-stop platform for authenticated word-of-mouth recommendations for user content. This content is made on the platform via the WOM Campaign Manager. The BULLZ app team explains that brands and projects can also browse through user recommendations. This will give them the advantage of purchasing WOM Tokens to boost the content they select, giving the content more exposure.

As it is a relatively new platform, BULLZ promises additional features to improve user and brand experience. There are always new developments and improvements to embrace, and BULLZ knows the benefit of staying on top of trends. Some of the features already in the works include a leader board of trending projects.

The blockchain and crypto communities have been riddled with misinformation and half-truths due to a lack of understanding. With the BULLZ app, those in the community know where to go for authenticated recommendations on projects and brands to work with.  BULLZ prides itself on being a trailblazing platform that gives honest word-of-mouth recommendations and rewards users for their genuine, helpful reviews.

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