Every website you visit on your journey around the internet contains two major elements: Design (What it looks like) and Copy (What It Says). You might be surprised to learn that the time we spend viewing a single page is very short: on average, one or two seconds is all it takes most of us to decide if the page we're seeing has what we need or want. But if the Design presents the great Copy well, that is when you hook your reader and have a chance to get your message across.

So when creating your own websites, keep those two elements in mind. Remember that your website has a purpose: to get your visitors to do something. For this to happen, your content should clearly demonstrate, and convince, your visitors that what you're offering is what they need.

Navigating the world of copy writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services requires a clear understanding of what your website's purpose is. More than that, professional SEO copy writing services, and even online guides to "high quality copy writing" may use industry-specific language for which you, as a website owner, need a translation guide.

At this point you may get so frustrated with the process of finding a copy writer who will create what's in your head for your website that you decide to try it yourself. Paying the rates for a professional advertising copy writer, when you have your own excellent writing skills to draw from, may not seem worth it.

For copy writing, as with all other areas of marketing, you need a plan. Making a strategy for your copy writing zooms your focus in on two questions: What content is on my website, and What content do I need on my website? Choosing the right content for your site is essential for its success. Remember, the content has to get your main message across in a couple of seconds.

So to answer these questions, for general copy writing or for SEO copy writing, you need some good quality copy writing services in your corner. You need to know the language to describe what you want, so your vision can become a reality. Start here, by reading Words that Zing by Colleen Jones. Then move on to a complete evaluation of your website content.

While we offer our clients tips and guidelines for writing and maintaining website content, the key elements you need to know are what you are trying to accomplish (your website's Purpose), and how to communicate that Purpose to your copywriter (even if it's you!)

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Gabriel Blau is the co-founder and Internet Marketing Strategist at VisibleU, an Online Marketing firm in New York City devoted to small businesses. Providing Website design and development, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Strategy, Copywriting, and More, VisibleU has been a key part of small business success since 2002. Visit http://www.visibleu.com to learn more about Online Marketing for Small Business.