WordSmiths is a consortium of published and award winning novelists, short story writers and poets. Joseph Chinnock is the director of WordSmiths and can help you get placed with the right writing coach for you and your project.

Everyone loves a good story, whether it appears in a novel, poem, or business report. The key to telling a good story is deciding exactly what you want to say—what’s vital and what should be left out. The elements of successful storytelling are the same for your business communications as they were for Shakespeare’s sonnets.

WordSmiths is a consortium of award-winning authors, essayists, and interviewers, available to help you master all your business, research, and technical communication needs. Our authors can help you communicate as clearly as Jack Welch did when he said: “We will be number one or two in every business we’re in, or we will fix it, close it, or sell it.” Best of all, we are a local Boulder business, so we can meet you face-to-face wherever and whenever you like.

Some of our projects:
Created a thirty-page report for GlaxoSmithKline about the impact of health care reform on the pharmaceutical industry

Wrote a film script about the new energy economy for PBS

Outlined the workflow for a weeklong Deutsche Bank symposium

Wrote the keynote address for Princeton’s fund-raising gala

Created documents for Novartis, Roche, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline; Web content for Fine Living, HGTV, and Front Door; and analysis papers for Decision Strategies International

Created and copyedited prose for a number of Tech Company’s Web sites, marketing and research materials, blogs, Twitter, and other social networking sites

If you have a communications project—big or small— we can help. Get in touch with us. We’ll show you our portfolio, to give you a sense of our range and talent. Let’s work together to make sure all your communications are exceptional.

Check out our website at www.newwordsmiths.com or email Joseph at jcboulder@gmail.com.

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Joseph Chinnock is a freelance writer specializing in literary theory, post-modern literature, memoir and film.
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