Overseas Education is an amazing way to explore new avenues in the field of study you want to make a successful career in. The UK is on the top study abroad destinations for students over the past few years. Apart from it being a powerhouse of knowledge, the UK is a perfect destination for students. It creates an ambience that exposes them to new cultures and languages which inturn builds confidence and is very effective for networking. The UK offers students work study arrangements to enable students to step outside their comfort zones and at the same time, develop new skills and people management. This arrangement encourages students to be more independent and take on more responsibility.

Here are a few points to remember while working and studying in the UK:
1. Why UK? -
The UK is one of the most student friendly destinations in the world. The UK thrives on the high satisfaction rates, especially for International Students. Another plus point in favor of the UK is the reinstatement of the 2 year work right which permits students to stay back in the UK for 2 years after the completition oftheir program, to search for employment. International Students need to have a Tier 4 visa (General Visa) that permits them to work simultaneously. Another important detail is to make sure that your visa has no restrictions. If the visa has no restrictions, then the student has to check with the University on its policies and rules in the case of employment.
2. Part Time Employment -
While students are generally encouraged to work and study, the general allocation is 20 hours during term time and 40 hours full time during vacations, some universities may have different rules in place regarding the same. While some universities offer 20 hours of employment, some offer 10 hours. Universities in the UK have their own set criterias according to which international students are permitted to take up employment. Being informed as to what the university has to offer is of utmost importance.
3. Types of Jobs -
Universities in the UK offer 2 specific types of jobs for students. One type of employment is On Campus. On campus employment basically jobs that are within the University’s Campus. These jobs range from Research Assistants to Teaching Assistants. These kinds of jobs are often but not limited to being employed to work in the university libraries, dormitories, dining facilities, laboratories and administrative offices. The other kind of employment, is off campus. Students are allowed to work off campus in assistance oriented jobs, examples of these kind of jobs are wait staff in restaurants, delivery personnel, etc. Students are not permitted to take up professional jobs in corporate offices.
4. Advantages -
Being a student working in the UK has a lot of benefits. These benefits help the student become more independent and responsible, which is very important in building a career. A few advantages of studying and working in the UK are -
More money to explore the city and surroundings -
By studying and working, the student makes more money that can not only be used to pay utility bills, but also lets them explore more and discover new things.
Extra Savings and Allowances -
Most students get a monthly allowance for expenditure to help ease the transition, along with that compensation, students working get an extra amount from their salaries to increase their purchasing power to indulge in things of their interest and liking.
Teaches money management skills
While there is a fun element attached to working, the more serious aspect is money management. Students learn how to manage money and use it wisely, most students make budgets for certain amenities and work within those budgets.
Develop time management skills
To cope with the fast pace of the ever evolving work environment, it is essential to learn how to categorize and manage time effectively. This skill is often developed while managing education and employment at the same.
Work environment preparation
Students who are employed through their course often pick up and develop new skills which are often coveted by organizations. This helps students build their CV which makes them preferred candidates for jobs.
The UK is known to be very accommodating and student friendly. The UK not only encourages students to explore their talents and learn new skills, but they also help students reach their full potential. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind while choosing to study in the UK is very important especially for International Students.

Student Testimonials
“It was a wonderful experience with Edwise. They helped me choose my course and get a clear view about the Universities and choose the best. ”
Name - Ryan Abraham Kolath
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“Edwise has been very helpful and has guided me in every way possible. My counselor has been a great support on this journey. ”
Name - Snehal Rawal
Country – UK
University – Kingston University

“I got step by step guidance and information for my education abroad.”
Name –Sumitra Aiyar
Country – UK
University – De Montfort University

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