Please only come to us about this job vacancy if you are seriously interested and are able to give us at least ten hours each week... there is no expense to you and you do not need any relevant work experience but you do need to be the sort of person who hurts when others hurt and who is able to ease their pain with more than soothing and comforting words.

Due to this awful virus upsetting so many peoples' lives we are now busier than ever with clients, our client base has more than doubled since the virus began.

You are probably someone who has had at least one relationship or been in love at least once and understand how love words. You may have gone through a divorce or had a separation. You are someone who has seen others fall in and out of love and seen their pain and understood it, been able to be supportive and see where people have gone wrong. Or you have had problems with a child or family or friend. All of our clients come to us for support and advice with relationships, we do not give help to those who want financial or health problems looked at, we tell them to go to a financial or health professional. It helps if you have had at least one of these problems yourself.

Our website was already busy with clients coming to us when worried and upset and needing guidance, wanting us to help them to see which way they should turn in an effort to get a resolution to the thing which is worrying them. Many of them have enormous situations, decisions and problems which they cannot get peace from, they cannot speak to those they know because they would gossip or spread it about or make them feel embarrassed about it later. They want their problem to get resolved in private with confidentiality not to be discussed by others all around town or throughout their circle of friends or family. They might feel awkward about it. They need to know that the person helping them is not involved, does not know the other people they know so it can stay private.

If you join us you take an email from one of our many clients and advise them on what to do and why you are sure this is right. You cannot just talk about it and wish them well in their search for an answer. They need something far more precise and black and white when they are paying for it.

For people with common sense this is very easy, but we rarely get people with common sense apply to us for these jobs. Believe it or not a lot of the people who apply to us are the same people who had previously had to pay us for advice, which makes no sense at all. Some people are terrific at advising and find it as easy as falling off a log, but they would be able to sort out their own relationship and problems first before they would look to doing it for others.

Please take a look at our website at and study it a bit and then through the contact page email us
with your approach and why we should hire you.

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