Work experience is considered the most significant section in the selection of personnel! The column characterizes the applicant for the position and allows the personnel officer to assess the compliance of the candidate and the vacancy. In this article, I will give examples and give a detailed answer on how to indicate experience and knowledge in a resume.


For serious and responsible positions, experience is key, and the higher the career ladder, the more experience and professional knowledge the hiring manager wants to see in your resume. But do not describe the entire work experience, write only the information that is similar to the proposed vacancy.

It is enough for a recruiter to skim through the questionnaire to determine whether the company is interested in the candidate or not. Therefore, fill out the work experience section in detail and in an accessible way. You can see good examples on topresume review.

What to start with

When describing work experience, be specific. Think of information as a track record where each business needs to be given due consideration.

Many people who are looking for work begin to cheat in order to embellish their professional skills. This is not worth doing, since the information is easy to check at the interview, otherwise everything will come up during the internship.

The period of work, the name of the company, as well as a brief description of the company, position, responsibilities and achievements must be written separately for each organization.


Work period

If you write 2017-2018, then the experience can be from 2 months to almost 2 years, which is very important when applying for a job. The personnel officer does not have time to look through the questionnaires, where the term of employment is not exactly indicated. such summaries, other things being equal, are rejected.

An additional advantage would be if you specify a specific time in the position held.


Name of the organization

Complete information about the organization should include its name, location and scope of activities.

Additionally, you can specify the number of employees, employment (full-time  or part-time) and the company's website. It all depends on the need to draw the attention of management to the necessary information.

Job title

Don't expect the job title to give the recruiter an accurate picture of your previous job. Therefore, the wording "engineer" or "manager" will not bring the desired result, namely, to be in a higher position. Here you need to write like this: "sales manager", "energy engineer".

Main responsibilities

Having beaten off information about the position held earlier, you can begin to list the functional duties performed by you at your previous place of work. No extra details needed. Write about the main things. Lay out the information clearly, of course, concisely.

  • Select only those companies that, in your opinion, should be included in the summary.
  • Remove unnecessary information from the text. Achieve the text to be compressed.
  • Fill your resume with keywords and brand names.
  • Arrange the text so that it is easy to read.


This is not a mandatory column and you should deal with the description of achievements if it is written in the company's requirements for a resume. But the section increases the chances of an interview, so it's better to find at least one achievement for past vacancies.


You should not write the same achievements for several previous vacancies. After reading such a questionnaire, the HR will involuntarily conclude that a person is not inclined to grow in a professional field. It is right to talk about even small successes at a new job, but they must exceed previous achievements.


What to write if there is no experience

For a recent university graduate, lack of experience is quite normal. Therefore, recommendations for students to write a resume are quite suitable for people without work experience.


Include information about social work, participation in volunteer projects, internships, practices and part-time jobs in the questionnaire. also, in a separate list, indicate the courses and training that you took.


I hope I helped you understand how to fill out such an important section as work experience. The main thing to remember is that the success of a resume lies in correctly made accents.


Whether to indicate unofficial work

Write an “unofficial” job in your resume if you have sufficient skills and knowledge that can be useful in a future job.


But if you are applying for the position of a financial analyst in a large organization, and after leaving the company that simply ceased to exist, when looking for a new job, you work informally as a taxi driver, then you should not indicate such competence.


Extra data will ruin the questionnaire, as the manager looks for logic in the resume in terms of career advancement.

Illogical turns in your work activity will cause unnecessary questions and suspicions.

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