Discipline yourself for godliness, that is, for devotion to God; the Apostle Paul says this requires discipline, exercise, training, practice and more practice, as young athletes exercised in Timothy season, to play the games sports. Look, many of us are very disciplined in our work, or personal studies, or in a business, or home, or in a ministry serving the Lord, and even in our favorite sport, but when it comes to Devotion to God, things are very different, it seems that the discipline was gone, we tend to be lazy. The Apostle Paul says: "Work out, discipline, train YOURSELF for Devotion to God". My advice to you today is: "Work out Spiritual Disciplines for a Healthy Growth"

Principles to Discipline for a Healthy Growth

I- Taking Personal Responsibility for a Healthy Growth

We are personally responsible for our progress in devotion to God. We have to assume this responsibility trusting that God will work together with us. God will not work for us without our own responsibility for compliance. Awaken, there are things we have to do, not as an exchange or a condition for God to give us what they promised, but, for us to be prepared. We need to be prepared for what we have received not harm us or make us evil, but that we can make good.

1- Aim to Grow our Personal Spiritual Life for Health

The Apostle Timothy needed to grow in key areas such as: The Fear of God, understanding of God's love, the longing for God's presence and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We also need it in other areas and that God sees fit. In the Church many believers talented and capable, but very few believers devoted to God. The emphasis of this generation is to serve God, to accomplish things for God, which is not bad, but the activity cannot in any way replace holiness, devotion and consecration to God. The Apostle Paul told Timothy be an example In speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity or integrity.

2- Know the Cost of Commitment for a Healthy Growth

No one comes to the Olympics or level of national powers, without a commitment to pay the price of rigorous daily workout. In the same way, no one becomes a saint without a commitment to pay the price of daily spiritual discipline that God designed for us to grow in holiness and devotion to God (Hebrews 12:14, 2 Peter 1:5 - 7).
All this requires commitment. There is a price to holiness, consecration and devotion to God and is never coming REBATE neither cheap nor EASILY. It requires a persevering, diligent and conscientious about our part in what it takes.

3- Have a Teacher or Coach Competent for a Healthy Growth

No athlete for more natural ability or talent you have, you can get to the Olympics without a coach who rises to the highest standards of excellence and monitor and correct every little mistake. In the same way, we can not discipline ourselves to be holy without our coach. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and coach, elevates us to the highest standards of spiritual excellence as we teach, rebuke, correct and train through His Word. We have to spend much time in the Word of God as this is the environment in which God speaks, teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains directly.

Finally for a Healthy Growth You Need to Practice, Practice and Practice

Is the practice which puts Feet engagement and applied teaching coach, is the practice where the skill is developed, which makes a competitive athlete in his sport. There are no shortcuts to the devotion and holiness of God, is fidelity media every day that God has destined and using the Holy Spirit to enable us to grow and be prepared. Our primary goal in this practice is the skill in the Ministry serving God, but the holiness and devotion to God. We want to be skilled at the Ministry, but more important is to focus on our relationship with God. Holiness or devotion to God is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment (1 Timothy 4:8, 6:6). God desires Workers WORSHIPERS before, the only workers acceptable to God, are those who have learned to love.

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