Learning to work smarter is especially important for internet marketers when summertime comes around! The reason for this is that it is very hard to stay motivated with all the outdoor activity the summer months offer people! With that in mind internet marketers can cut down dramatically on the time they spend online but they must first get organized!

Here's a simple to follow 3 step 'guideline' to help you get more done and in less time allowing you to stay motivated while still enjoying the summer months!

Busy Is NOT Always Productive

Always have a daily (and weekly) plan before you turn on your computer! By determining what tasks are the most productive in terms of business growth you can minimize the time you 'waste' when working online! Many get caught up in the thinking that just by being 'busy' they are making progress with their business! On the contrary this is simply a misconception that results in spending more time at your computer! If you want to stay motivated you'll need to see results therefore 'cut out' those time consuming tasks that drain your energy and consume the day!

Do The Most Important First

As previously stated the best way for internet marketers to stay motivated is by seeing tangible results from their efforts! When you are trying to get organized you'll 'discover' what tasks give you the results you need to get you closer to your goals! By scheduling this work early in the day your energy level and focus will be at its highest thereby minimizing any errors made or the time you need to correct these mistakes!

Don't Over Schedule Yourself

By scheduling more than you can reasonably complete leads to a waste of your energy and time chasing after your 'to do' list! This can easily lead to increasing the time you spend online while decreasing your productivity! Even worse, this can also lead to increasing feelings of frustration which is something internet marketers do well to avoid! Frustration disrupts your focus and the quality of your work which can result in making it more difficult to stay motivated! This is a cycle you ALWAYS want to avoid!

By learning to work smarter most internet marketers will find it easier to stay motivated, get more done and still enjoy the warm summer weather! Of course this will require that each marketer first get organize to determine the areas where they can cut back or even eliminate tasks that serve little purpose! Once that has been done internet marketers can than follow the 3 step guideline offered above to make better use of their efforts online! The net net here is that people operating businesses can still do so while also enjoying summer time activities with family and friends!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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