With so many ongoing changes concerning internet rules and regulations it is very challenging to build traffic for your business! However once you stop and consider the visitors to your site are 'people' doesn't it make more sense to approach them in a more direct manner? This is why networking within online social communities may be the best strategy for generating the type traffic you need to prosper!

Here are 3 HUGE advantages online social communities offer in terms of getting free and targeted traffic to your website or blog!

It's Fast

This strategy is not a long drawn out process much like link building or circulating content nor is it subject to always changing rules! The goal here is to get visitors to your site and by making direct contact with people at social communities, this is something easily achievable! Traditional SEO methods are well and good but results can take for ever even after constant efforts on your part! Even more frustrating is the fact that some efforts may even be wasted when rules or algorithms are changed causing you to start over, UGH!

It's Viral

There are many recommended ways of working smarter online, one being automate what you can and the other being enlisting the help of others! Once an idea or product is received favorably by others they tend to spread the word resulting in a multiplication of your original efforts! People are people and if they see or experienced something they like, they WILL talk about it which is the primary intent of online social communities! These are open forums for discussing what is on the collective minds of others so leverage these sites to build traffic for your business or purpose!

It's Enduring

Once you've captured the attention of others by networking in some form or fashion it doesn't necessarily 'fade' away overnight! The whole strategy is based upon relationship building which tends to develop much deeper roots than most internet marketing methods! If what you offer is popular enough, people will continue to talk about it long after you originally presented it! This can easily result in a continuous stream of visitors to your site!

When working online, quite often changing internet rules and regulations can be the biggest barrier for getting visitors to your site! Link building has been known to be a great way to build traffic but ongoing changes by search engines have lessen the popularity of this approach! With the growth in and popularity of online social communities however, marketers are able to have direct access to people! This is why social marketing has become a more popular method to build traffic for many businesses online! The 3 advantages social communities do offer for sending visitors to your site are compelling and discussed above! Although it does take more interaction, this strategy, for now anyway, remains unaffected by the finicky and dynamic nature of the governing 'powers to be' on the internet!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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