Most of the companies can be accommodated into the direct classification as either product based or service based. Both ways, the quality aspect prior, during and post production comes into picture. Quality control managers are required to handle these quality, control and reliability aspects of services and products.

The work flow includes testing with respect to many aspects. Most of them are dedicated towards the quality aspects of the finish products. There is a scope of being a quality assurance specialist, whose job is to research on the causes and other details of the defects in products and working towards getting rid of these defects. They are required to develop techniques and methods (working with designers) towards reduction of defects and other aspects.

The basic role of any quality control manager is to set up methods and techniques for testing, along with performing these testing procedures. Documentation is always an assumed part of their work schedule, but it is as important as the procedure itself. Statistics and research form an important part of their working.

Educational Aspects

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or science based subjects like physics form a good start towards being a quality control manager. Often, called as a quality control engineer, these folks start as statisticians or designers. Masters in quality and related technology are available at many universities. In terms of online education, getting additional quality control courses and certifications help in being updated with the latest development.

Areas of Specialization

A quality control manager can specialize in many areas as follows:
Product design
Product design
Inventory control

Employment Opportunities

Talking about job prospects, the scene is vague with a stretchable range from aerospace engineering to chemical based industries, from pharmaceutical to mechanical & production based companies. Quality control is an important subject during engineering and other science based courses (even during polytechnic based courses), so quality control managers have the option of moving in the teaching field.

Lastly, with research and development, many new fields related to quality assurance have popped up. With an excellent employment outlook, the median salary is more than decent. Research and development based jobs yield salaries in the line of IT engineers.

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After studying, an individual can directly apply for jobs in the quality control division of industries or apply for apprenticeship to become a quality control manager. To learn more about online education possibilities, career growth chances etc. be subscribed to an engineering and manufacturing based career catalogue.