The days when the workspace has only been a physical venue are already gone. Today’s instant access environment has diluted the lines between the core office space and the place where work is actually performed. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to transform the way they work to become more productive and reach career aspirations in the most efficient and quickest mode. The work-life balance is turned upside down, the distinction between the professional and personal lives is dissolved, and the workspace often becomes truly digital, which allows people to communicate and collaborate in unparalleled ways. Modern entrepreneurs and employees understand that there is much more to digital working than simply using e-mail. Currently, there are lots of premises for rent that are ready to serve the needs of people practising digital working style. But, how to find the perfect office in case you are a freelancer or a digital nomad? Further on, you will find some great ideas that will help you to get the best possible workplace for digital working.

A digital workspace and its benefits

Productive business relationships are not necessarily bound to the natural workgroups and physical office premises, but, on the contrary, go beyond their limits. Business proprietors’ and employees’ needs are fluctuating, so is the workspace concept. To accurately reflect people’s changing working experience, the leading commercial space providers have begun to implement an entirely different workspace - a digital one.

Sometimes also called a virtual office space, a digital workspace brings all the tenant’s resources(operating systems, apps, and files) into one place and provides cloud storage or board that allows professionals to officially conduct their entrepreneurial activities from a credible business location. Besides ensuring safe remote access to all the essential information, digital workspaces allow tenants to improve their businesses recognition on the competitive global business arena. Specially-trained staff can take care of the operational part of work, letting tenants concentrate on more important business affairs.

The key benefits of the digital workspace are flexibility, cost-efficiency, better customer service, higher retention rates, etc.

How to find the best office for digital working

Today, much of the work is tied up to technologies. The availability of these or those tools is an essential feature of the particular digital workspace. In order to choose the best one for your business, you should compile the list of facilities you require and then find the most appropriate package offered by the landlord. The location that your business will be established in, also matters a lot. Finally, you should decide on the money you are ready to invest in the rent of the workspace, while different digital offices are leased out for different sums of money. Factors, which influence the price asked for rent are the location of the virtual office and the provided facilities on-site.

The key to business success lies in the effective implementation of the digital workspace strategy in the working culture. Embrace the evolution in the CRE industry by yourself and let your business get all the advantages that come along with the digital workspace rent.

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