I have found that the best way to come up with a niche that allows you to work from home is kind of an old school approach. I suggest you get a piece of paper and a pen, if anyone still uses them. Once you have the pen and paper, you should write three lists. On the first list, you should write down everything that you enjoy doing regardless of how silly or stupid you think it may be. On the second list, you should write down everything that you are good at or anything that you have any type of training in. After you have completed both these tasks you should cross reference both lists. Hopefully, at least one thing will be on both lists. This is how your third list is created, which is the main objective to this exercise. If you don't come up with anything for your third list, then you will need to come up with something that you think you will be good at and are willing to learn.

The next step is research.
Research is an extremely important part of this process and should not be forgotten. Try to find multiple sources to use for your research. For example, article submission sites, blogs, books, directories and anything else that will provide you actual information. Try to find something that will provide you with the information for free, instead of just trying to sell you something.

Article submission sites are exactly what they sound like. They are sites that will let someone post his/her article(s), generally for free. This is a great way to get information, as well as post your own article(s) when or if you create a website. One thing that you should be very careful of is to make sure that you do not steal anyone else's work. Most sites will let you use articles for personal use and sometimes public use, as long as you give credit to the author of the piece.

Blogs are a great source of information as well. The best part of a blog is all of the opinions and comments left by many different people. The second best part of a blog is that it is free in almost all cases. Really the only downside that I can think of, when it comes to referencing a blog is that you never know about the person that is writing on the blog.

Books are always a good thing when it comes to a reference. You can get a whole lot of good information from books and with all the different online stores these days; you don't even have to go to a bookstore. The downside to books is that you will very seldom be able to find something that is free unless you have some type of electronic book reader.

Website directories are sites that give you a list of websites specific to your needs. For example if you are looking for websites that you can find articles, you would try to find a website directory for article submission site.

As you can see by the above paragraphs, there is not a whole lot of time needed to come up with a niche. The major amount of time spent when trying to come up with a way that allows you to work from home is in the research. I am not saying that you shouldn't spend any money when you are trying to do research or learn about something. I believe that you will end up paying for an education by either money or experience. It has been said that if you can find something that you are passionate about, you can usually find a way to make money with it.

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I am Gregory Cunningham and I have been working from home in some capacity for over 10 years and have started a blog at successfullyworkingfromhome.com to try and help others do the same thing.