Do you hold to the belief that the only way to get what you want in life is in working hard to get ahead because if you do the question for you is how is this way of thinking working for you are you seeing great results because if you do not are you open to another way of seeing and acting in life to change your future to get what you want?

You may fear trusting

You may fear trusting that what you do will have an influence on what you want to have manifested and when you over work at it this only creates doubt in you and where ever you place your focus with intensity you create.

Do you think your fear is creating more doubt with the things that you desire and work for seems to take much longer to attain, and you may notice with this that fear is more of the focus than getting what you want because the mere fact that you are focus on the fear it is holding you back because it needs energy to live within you.

Everything has a season for it to develop so to what you desire to attract in your life has a time for it to incubate and then to be manifested so pushing at it to make it happen faster will do no good it may even make it worst.

Work hard is a thinking

Work hard is a thinking and a way of life that many people have seen and grown up with and adopted because they do not see anything else about the person who is doing the things they need to get ahead such would be their drive, their persistence, strategies and innovations or the sleepless night of worries so it is taken for granted that it is the way to become successful.

Pass your limits

You may work hard to make sure that you and your family will survive and that shows compassion and generosity and yet you may pass your limits and create more difficulties by not following the cycles of the season the cycles of give and take.

Aligning to trusting in what you want and know that it can be created by the mind and manifest in the world.

Once an idea

Until you let go of the your old identity of working hard things that you want will not come easily to you because your beliefs help to create and attract to you want you want in life.

Believe that things that you see and take for granted was once an idea from someone that has manifested into reality and so can you create what you want now.

Make small steps to changing your way of seeing the world and working hard to get what you want will be a thing of the past.

Conclusion: Working hard to get what you want in life has been a belief that many people was carrying with them and thought this was the only way of life until now many people are breaking this myth and showing there is another way to get what you want in life.

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