I am more passionate about working in the garden, unlike my husband who does it indifferently. In any case, whether I am just standing in the yard, or tending the gardens, I feel very happy. The backyard in our home is vast with numerous trees of pine and oak. They are the best looking trees I ever saw. Yet, we are cleaning the place all the time. Several storms had came and scattered remains in our yard in the latest years that had gone by. The cleaning up afterwards was a bit taxing.Thank goodness we have the equipment to take care of the yard because raking or doing everything by hand would be too much for our aging bodies! We often use the weed eater, leaf blower and the chain saw. Lately, there were a number of trees in our yard that came down after the storms had passed. It only left us the trunk, the body of the trees broke in two. Totem poles were made out of the trunks of the trees that were downed by the storm. My husband did that with the use of a chain saw.

The Wisteria vine growing in our yard today was the same one that my mother planted when she and my dad newly transferred to this house a long time ago. When my parents left this world, the new owner of the house was me including the huge yard. This house and yard have a very special place in my heart. This place is so magnificent. However, since the house seems so old, over 40 years, its existing problems of wear and tear and a garden filled with overgrown plants and trees were also passed on to me. Millions of leaves, pine straw and wisteria have covered the whole yard.The leaf blower works great for the leaves, and the weed eater takes care of everything else.However, the wisteria is another story and will have to be dealt with by pulling it up from the root - which is another problem since it is almost impossible to pull it up by its roots!Using poison is out of the question because I am a purist in that respect. Our yard is habitually visited by birds and animals, in search for their consumption and nutrition. They need to be nourished also.

Since it's the middle of the summer season, and the yard needs our immediate attention, we try to safeguard ourselves as possible as we can from the blistering heat. The sweltering heat and moist atmosphere in our area which can be unbearable at times is very common during the summers. Therefore, staying indoors is more comforting. I'm beginning to hate August, because its during this summer month that I have to deal with the agonizing heat that goes with it which can rise to such intolerable levels.

Death caused by heat stroke have claimed around 400 persons each year. Here's a tip, whenever you go outside of the house especially this summer, be certain to hydrate yourself often. Lots of clean potable water is important to keep you hydrated at all times. Try to avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, every now and then take some time out, put on clothes that are not heavy on the body, if possible the loose ones. Also, wear something that is light in color, because dark colors absorb heat. If you have a hat, put it on as well and choose the one where air can freely pass. Every time I go out in the yard, I always bring with me my water, my hat, my sunglasses and a sprayer filled with water and a drop of peppermint oil.I work in the early morning or late evening hours, am sensible and know when to stop and cool off.

With Autumn fast approaching, we'll have to do our work once more. Our chainsaw, weed eater and leaf blower will be of much use again.But that's okay because that is absolutely my favorite time of the year and I will look for any excuse I can to be in the yard!

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Keep your yard clean by using garden products. www.safehomeproducts.com offers wide selections of garden equipments from chain saw to electric blower at inexpensive price.