More and more people are working from home these days. Either because they are tired of the 9-5 grind and have chosen to start a new venture, or because they have been laid off from their regular job, or just because they wish to make extra money to supplement their income.

Whatever the reason you find yourself working from home, there are ways to help make it a positive and rewarding experience for both you and for your family. Since your full-time or part-time livelihood now depends upon how successful you are in your work-at-home business, it is vital that you treat it like a real job – because it is. You are now the Boss – of Yourself! So hold yourself to the same standard your Boss would if you were working in a regular office.

It can be a great experience if you do a little planning. Here are some hints and tips to help you make each day a great one!

1 – Schedule Your Work Time – Set up a regular work schedule each day that you will follow and stick to it. During this time, treat it like the office! Plan work hours as well as break times. Get away from your desk for breaks, even if it’s only into another room or the deck.

Remember to schedule some time during the day for family, and let them know when that time is. If something unexpected comes up that you must deal with, just return to your regular schedule afterward. Ask your family and friends for support you and to respect your need for work time. Most likely they will be happy to help you if they feel you have made some regular time for activities with them.

2— Make Your Business A Real Office-Like Environment. Set-up a dress code (some people like to dress in standard office attire, others like jeans and t-shirts), answer the phone professionally, make lists of the tasks you need to do each day – then tackle the hardest one first! If you are not a list maker, become one.

3 – Set Up A Separate Work Area For Your Office. Be it a spare room, or a spare corner, outfit it with the tools and equipment you need for your work. A desk or table, an office chair and good lamp will help it feel like your workplace. Keep it organized and free of clutter. A simple file cabinet, some shelves and basic desk accessories can be very helpful in keeping things organized. Your work will flow much more smoothly once this is done.

4 – During Your Work Hours, stay away from TV, shopping trips, laundry, and other household chores. Schedule these activities at set times separate from your working hours. Enlist help from your family, if you can, with these tasks.

5 – Set Goals – Both short-term and long-term ones. Make them ones you can accomplish in the time frame you set. If a task turns out to take longer than you first thought, don’t get discouraged or just give up feeling that you failed, re-set your goals and reschedule those tasks for the next day. Make it a point to accomplish something related to your business each and every day. Even if it’s only a small thing, you will be moving in the right direction.

6 – Set Aside Some Time for Yourself – Avoid burn-out. Even if it’s only a little bit of time each day. Most home business owners put in long hours, but taking breaks or taking a day or night off from time to time to will help keep you mentally fresh. Have daily inspirational or motivational material that you read each day, even if only a daily quote from a source you like.

7 – If You Have An Internet Business, it can be especially hard to stay focused on your tasks because there are so many distractions online. Try not to follow each inviting looking ad or new site to investigate. Make a list of them and plan to come back later when your main work is done for the day.

8 – Take Care Of Your Health. Home business workers can have a hard time with this one because it’s easy to just to keep working and ignore the need for taking good care of yourself. Eat healthful foods as much as possible and try to get some exercise each day. Even if it is just a short walk. It will help you stay mentally more alert and emotionally grounded and better able to be creative with your business.

9 – Get Help When You Need It. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Your business will benefit if you stick to what you do best and let someone else help with things like those tax returns or legal advice.

10 – Never Give Up. A home-based business can be challenging and can take some time to develop to it’s full potential. So stick with it and yours can be a rewarding, successful and profitable business.

Using these tips can really help you stay organized and productive and free to put your main energies into building the business itself. If you already have a home business, you can find supportive and inspirational resources for your personal development and business success here at If you are new to working at home and are looking for a home-based business to get started check out this great opportunity at

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Jane Carlton is an author and publisher now living in Oregon. For many years, she has studied and investigated the areas of self-improvement, personal development and spiritual growth. Her website at is dedicated to supporting seekers of all types in their search for wealth, growth, happiness, love and freedom, and in creating harmonic wealth and abundance in their lives.