It is almost impossible if you are working out not to see results. But if you are exercising incorrectly which means cheating, or doing exercises wrong there is a good chance you are not seeing the results you desire.

There are 5 steps needed in order to see the results you desire. If these steps are followed correctly you will see amazing results and that's what you are looking for. You want results for all the hard work you put in to it.

Time and time again I see people who are not seeing the progress they desire because they are not doing the exercises right. Lifting the wrong way, lifting too much weight, spending too much time on the treadmill, or just confused on what to do. Then they get tired of not seeing results or they just become bored and lose interest.

Just like anything you do in life there is a process you need to do in order to see progress. So working out is no different. If you follow the 5 steps that are outlined you will see amazing results. You will be happy and injury free.

Step #1

Always Warm Up - Never, I mean never, workout without warming up properly. The easiest way to get hurt and ruin your chances of seeing good results is by not warming up your body. Stretching your body and muscles will help you get your body ready for the exercises you are about to do.

Step #2

Don't try to be the strongest person at the gym or at home. You can get just as big or defined by using strict form when lifting weights. Even when doing cardiovascular exercise you need to watch what you are doing to prevent injury.

Step #3

When doing your exercises you need to keep your shoulders back and your head looking forward. This will help your posture and help you be able to lift more weight without getting hurt. It takes time to learn this method especially if you never have done this before.

Step #4

Depending on what your goals are you should incorporate some type of cardiovascular exercise with strength training to get the best results.

This is for men and women who want to lose weight and, burn fat and add lean muscle. You just can't go wrong with this method. I have seen dramatic results when incorporating this technique.

Step #5

As a beginner who is just starting out exercising. I recommend working out 3 days a week with light dumbbell weights and a small bench or stability ball.

The other days would be rest days. You would workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rest days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Or workout Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Rest days Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Depending on your schedule. Sundays always an off day.

One exercise per body part plus 20 mins. of cardio. This is an excellent program to start to see fantastic results.

I hope this article helps you reach you fitness goals of getting stronger, leaner, losing weight and getting in better shape with exercise.

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Marc Ouellette is a certified fitness trainer through International Sports Sciences Association. Do you want to discover how to lose weight, burn fat and add lean muscle quickly? Grab my free report giving you the blueprint on this! Go now to and get results in just 30 days!