Workplace fires are much more dangerous than a home fire because they can be so unpredictable. Any given workplace may contain hazardous materials, chemicals, tools, machines, extensive lighting systems, equipment, machines from photocopies to dishwasher to forklifts, and much, much more. Each one of the hundred possible items could be the cause of a workplace fire or dramatically impact how a fire burns and spreads.

Understanding that most people typically do not invest a lot of thought into the potential of a fire, but the number of incidents of, and the number of fatalities in workplace fires has been increasing each year and when it does happen, you do not want to be the employee or the employer who did not complete the proper fire fighting training. Someone might only encounter one workplace fire in their entire life, but not being properly prepared for it is like saying we do not a fire department.

The reality is that workplace fires do happen and a good course on fire fighting can take as little as an hour to complete and costs less than one hundred dollars. When the investment is so small and the stakes are so high, the choice becomes obvious.

When it comes to common fires in the workplace, there are only three ingredients that allow them to burn. They include oxygen, fuel and heat. Removing any one of these three will extinguish almost every fire. Most people do not think about fire fighting from this angle, they typically look for water to pour onto the fire, but they could be dangerous depending on the type of fire itself. When it comes to decisions that could make the difference between life and death, it’s important to know what the right choices are for that situation.

Great courses available online usually offer information on the types of fires, types of fire extinguishers, strategies on controlling and preventing fires. In addition, you will likely learn about the different types of fire extinguishing agents, basic fire extinguisher inspection procedures, and fire extinguisher ratings and classifications. All of this information will improve the odds that you, your co-works and your friends will be a little safer at work each day.

There are a number of options for providing employee with fire fighting safety training. One of the most efficient ways is through an online safety training, one of which is available through the Canadian Online Safety Training Association (COSTA). With their online fire fighting training, users are able to complete the training at their own pace anytime and anywhere, thus eliminating the need for travel costs or downtime onsite.

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