The only place where the glazed eyes of the most excited followers still reflect a, “If I could but touch the hem of his garment” look; seems to be at the President’s recent birthday bash. The rest of the world, it seems, does not want to look on the face of President Obama, much less his fiscal policies. The no confidence vote is reflected in huge stock sell outs both here and abroad.

The Dow, NASDAQ, Amex and other markets have slipped some 800 points at home and teetering world markets reflect the same no confidence vote in the recent bi-partisan deal to raise the debt ceiling 2.4 trillion while cutting other spending in a long range effort to acquire a balance. Jobs in America are still slipping away and government is still choking free market investments but the president has gotten his way for the moment. Standard and Poor’s reaction to the weak efforts to stabilize the debt has been to knock America’s credit rating back a notch for the first time in our history.

The power to borrow has been saved and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner seems satisfied with the fact that it will take almost five years for the effects of any caps or cuts to have any appreciable sway against the 14 trillion in debt that the country is now facing.

A second Greece bailout and the now shaky economies of both Spain and Italy have eroded confidence in euronomics but many have concluded it is because the U.S. is slipping as a world economic leader and the dollar has lost its normal standing as the world’s currency. Gold is soaring, markets are failing and a worldwide disaster is looming.

The average Joe in America may not have a clue about what is happening in the markets but a general feeling of foreboding is commonly shared. Whether you think it is the secret plan of the Rothschild’s or the more recent rotten politics of the left everyone is looking for answers. The word from financial Rasputin’s like Geithner or the cross section of views reflected in the reports of Rasmussen are all being scrutinized and searched out for possible answers. Dalliance and trifling with the economy is over and the day of reckoning is upon both the country and the world.

It is here that I would remind my readers of one of life’s unalterable trends in the human condition. Throughout history nations have risen and fallen all while economic, military and political scientists have been resorted to for answers and a means to avert a total fall. It is only after the fall that the prophetic voices are heard or sought out on any level. Pride never follows a fall; that is a maxim that even a modern technological world has any power to alter. “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Pr 16: 18)

To the point; sweeping out the cobwebs is a noble idea that is bound to fail unless you do something about the spider. What is the cause of the worldwide economic downturn in almost every nation in the world? There is no new message here and until the old message is heeded there won’t be any further word. What is that old message?

The old message is simply that to the degree our world continues to advance sexual perversions, prurient interests, attacks on marriage and godlessness, the nations will decline in equal and direct proportion to these pursuits. I would be remiss if I did not include a continuation of the worldwide abortions that now have reached upwards of 150,000,000 across the globe.

It is not global warming that threatens our world but human coldness to the plight of the unborn. We have disregarded the silent voices of the little ones of our own species and laid further insult on them by giving them a neat little scientific name instead of calling them babies. We have continued with this practice now for about 40 years. Our ticket is about to be pulled, by a God (the only God) who will not be mocked. Don’t ask if that’s a prophecy of mine because it was spoken by one far nobler than I. The Apostle Paul said “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal 6: 7)

We have allowed ourselves to be deceived by a universal dumbness about the question of when life begins, all the while we allow our scientists to boast of the knowledge of all things. They have decided to tell us what happened in every phase of time even though leaving the very definition of science and entering the realm of prior philosophic postulation, (un-witnessed assumptions about the beginnings and the ending of just about everything) they have become the substitute for God, conscience, common sense and common decency. But this little boat built by presumption and over confidence has sprung a leak and now is taking on water faster than we can bail it out.

Scientists, the new prophets and priests of the worldwide religion of total secularism have not scared us to death by asking us to sacrifice our children to the ancient false deity Moloch. Yet, they have managed to get us to give them up to something called, “women’s rights’ and personal self interests. Who would guess that in a selfish age that Moloch would re-invent himself by a new name?

General sleaziness and worldwide infanticide do not set well with the Creator God; you know, the God academicians and scientists have taken to scrutinizing and have generally concluded, may not after all exist. I do mean the God without whom, you and I would exist, but that is my way of trying to be just a bit kinder, and not resort to calling anyone a scriptural fool as in Psalm 14: 1.

What has not been perverted in this day has somehow been inverted at the very least. We have put the proverbial cart before the horse and cannot understand why the old mare can no longer move our little worldwide economic buggy down the road. Yet we still prefer the pondering and prognostications of the pundits over the proclamations of the prophets. Prophets may occasionally call for us to stay the course but are more likely to be calling for us to change course. By any other name that is called repentance. So what is to be repented of?

Almost three decades past I received what is perhaps the second most powerful revelation that I have ever experienced. In short it was a warning of a coming financial collapse in America that would be unrivaled by anything in our past. But I am but one man, fairly obscure and not known by many so I will not presume to ask millions to depend on my word alone. The fact that not one revelation I ever received has ever been wrong brings me little comfort so I hardly expect it would do much for many others. Prophets are asked only to proclaim not to prove. Time will prove out the message all by itself.

My standard and the most basic source of revelation is the same as millions of others. In the Bible every detail of the days leading up to the second coming of Christ can be found. It is there that a picture of a worldwide economic system that develops in the last days can be found. Under normal circumstances it is a system that would be rejected out of hand if it were proposed to a world that was not teetering on economic disaster. But when it is proposed the world will be anything but stable.

It is a call for a system overseen by one single man who presides over a single world government which also comes in on the wings of worldwide unrest and turbulence. The ruler of this short lived last day’s kingdom is called the antichrist. His name is not known at this moment but the conditions that must prevail to allow him to rise to power are quickly falling into place.

When the system is in place no one will be able to buy or sell a single penny’s worth of anything without being a recognized part of the system. Whether by some indelible and perhaps invisible mark or some kind or an electronic implant, everyone will be required to receive the mark in order to be part of his system. (Rev 13: 16, 17) Those that resist may be tolerated for a while but in no time whatsoever they will be incarcerated and eliminated if they persist in resisting the system.

It is not a failure but will be a system that most people worldwide will readily accept and seemingly they will like it at least for a while. Cashless society scoffed at only a few decades ago is now well underway in debit cards, direct deposits and worldwide electronic transfers of funds and assets. The new system is but a stone’s throw away from what is now already in place. Both the system and its originator will come to a sudden and complete halt at the second coming of Christ and only then will they know they have been following a man who is actually the incarnation of the god of this world, the very devil in the flesh. (Rev 14: 9-11)

Individuals will resist the system and although many will fall trying to stop it, some will manage an underground against it with some success. (Dan 11: 32) Although nothing in the Bible indicates that entire nations will resist it that is not a promise that no nation will refuse the system. Could America be the one nation that fights the rule of antichrist and his economic system? There are those who think it is not only possible but that it is very likely.

I have no particular special revelation on that at the moment, but I am sure that if we are the nation to resist we will be in for the fight of our lives. If I know America at all this is the one nation that would rather die fighting than give in to a tyranny and a world ruler who they do not want ruling over us.

The only thing I know for sure is that the time is at hand. There are not centuries left to work this out. In less than one decade it is my belief that everything I have spoken of here will be past tense. This is a message I preach, teach and live with every fiber of my being, without shame and with no reservations I can say this is the hour to awake and set ourselves on a completely different course.

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2Pet 3: 9)

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