Green Revolution was a long time back with respect to current time frame. When more and more trees were planted and Chipko movement was in the head of every common man. Now we talk in terms of Carbon Credits. Countries that are polluting the earth more buy carbon credit from relatively pollution free or minimum polluted countries. These are generally the countries with vast expanse of forests to compensate pollution. Asia News and Africa News have repetitively presented such cases being the two greenest continents. The pressure of development and growth is also mounting upon small, underdeveloped or developing country. Accrual of GDP seems to be the only way out for such nations if not big investments on other parts. World news about exchange and transaction of this virtual asset as has been an issue of concern.

Pollution is becoming a greater nuisance to environment and earth than ever thought. When people started with inventions and discoveries they never thought that science could turn out to be so disastrous. Making life a comfort took us away from our nature ultimately resulting in discomfort only. Increasing temperature, melting ice caps, drop in rainfall, changing seasonal cycles, shrinking forests, extinction of animal species are just few of the repercussions of the havoc we have been wrecking on nature. All of these make issue of concern for the world news. It ought to be, in the light of diminishing resources and human attitude of waste. Excessive mining caused frequent earthquakes leading to destructive Tsunami in many parts of earth.

Africa is known for its natural wealth as in diamond and gold mine, thickets of forests, unknown and unseen range of animals and plant species. Loads and loads of research in being carried out in these parts of the world in various concerned fields. Sometimes this study goes to level of exploitation. There have been stories in Africa news section like excessive hunting of elephant by poachers in the pretext of research on elephant habitat and anatomy. Asia News doesn’t portray the very same image but fiddling with nature is being carried out in one or the other way.

Pollution and excessive and unrighteous intrusion in nature might not seem the exact same thing but they cue the consequences of carelessness on part of humans. Africa news and Asia news are just one paragraph of whole story but that story demands more attention and onus to be taken on our part. And the story wants to be rewritten for the better so that we may not feel ashamed of world news of constant degradation of human community.

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