There may be some issues that aren’t fixed yet such as the broken matchmaking system, idle players, and bots, but the World of Tanks 1.3 version now comes with a few reworked maps, large-scale decals, and a new map that can be useful during Grand Battles Mode. The Personal Missions have also been tweaked and several other minor changes were made.


The World of Tanks game has been around for over eight years now and had 1.1 million concurrent players around late 2013 where it had more than 75 million registered players. Unfortunately, the developers of the game took a few wrong turns, which forced some players to stop playing regularly. The World of Tanks 1.3 is now live and unfortunately, it didn’t tackle some of these issues that killed the game’s appeal to its players for a long time, including the World of Tanks T34.


Before we talk about the new changes that come with the recent game update, let’s identify some of the worst problems of the game. First is the broken matchmaking system with the tendency to turn random battles into a lottery where the players can’t do anything to change the battle’s fate, regardless of how skilled they are. Next, some of the special missions are just virtually impossible to accomplish. Another problem is that there hasn’t been any effective solution that could remove the idle players and bots even though efforts have been made with the new version that came out.


On the recent World of Tanks 1.3, there are about forty large-scale decals for the premium tier VIII vehicles as well as the non-premium tier X ones. Furthermore, those Personal Missions that are really terrible have been adjusted, making them more bearable and enjoyable to the players. They have also taken the time to buff the Object 260 and T 55A tanks. There’s also a new map for the Grand Battles mode, the Hinterland. In addition, the Himmelsdorf, Mannerheim Line, Fisherman’s Bay, and Pilsen were reworked. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any noticeable change to the matchmaking system, which has caused difficulty among the various tankers.


Lastly, when the patch went live, the game’s notification screen did not open a video player window showing some of the update-related content. It only displayed a YouTube video. Hopefully, Wargaming will be able to fix that soon. 

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