The world’s fattest sausage dog weighing, believe it or not, a stagerring 77 pounds has been put on a drastic diet to try and get back into shape.

Overweight Obie, who is double the size of an average Dachshund, was nearly fed to death by his doting elderly owners who had to give him up because of their deteriorating health.

Apparently they “just couldn’t say ‘no’ to those big brown eyes” and through many tears, relinquished him.

Now, he is with a new owner – and on a mission to lose 40 pounds. Obie, was adopted by a vet named Nora Vanetta, who took him under her wing as soon as she heard about his condition.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that a sausage dog could has gotten that fat and originally she thought that they’d got confused about his breed.

You know a dachshund normally has a maximum weight of 32 pounds  with Obie more than twice the size at the age of just five.

She said: ‘Well, he arrived on August 18 and to my astonishment he was a dachshund and he actually weighed 77 lbs.

‘He is extremely sweet and loving. He was obviously loved and is a joy to work with. The ageing owners just couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes.

‘But we are thrilled to be able to help him, and now moving on with his new life.’

Nora, who has a degree in animal science and is a certified veterinary technician, now has the difficult task of getting Obie back into shape.

Obie now has his own Facebook page – ‘Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition’ - which documents the obese animal’s weight loss regime.

It is expected the sausage dog to lose around 40 lbs to get his weight to between 30 and 40 lbs.

At the moment, Obie is shedding the pounds with a special diet and hydrotherapy.

“I plan to do swim therapy with him and treadmill work once he starts to lose a little,” Vanetta wrote, adding that Obie “may eventually need to have excess skin surgically removed. “

“I feel tremendously blessed to be involved in his rehabilitation and I am amazed at the outpouring of love and support that I have received,” she wrote.

“My hope is that he can be an inspiration to any person or animal trying to lose weight.”

So what are your thoughts? Do you think Obie will be able to lose all that weight?

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