“Introducing an Amazing “Automatic GPS” Map for World of Warcraft That Legally Gives You Instant Ability to Speed-Level 1-80 in 7 Days or Less for Any Alliance Race or Class & Dominate the WOW Battle-Field at Will!”

BEST PART: The mod shows much more than quests.

Today is Sunday, February 27.
From Brian Kopp, Pro Gamer
Dear World of Warcraft Friend,
orld of Warcraft is an unstoppable worldwide phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of players eagerly log on everyday for the adrenalin rush.

But as riveting as World of Warcraft is, if you’re not a veteran player with good skills, WOW can actually become repetitive and yes … even boring at times.

Many players find themselves in a situation where they’re always trying to play “catch up” with friends who may have more time and experience. And that’s no fun. But I ask you …

… What if You Attained
Pro Gamer Skills Virtually Overnight?

Imagine getting the RESPECT you deserve. And what if you suddenly knew secrets about the game that 95% of all World of Warcraft players will never discover? Don’t you’d think it would open a whole new world of exciting game play for you?

You bet it would. And with your permission, I’d like to show you how you too can speed-level 1-85 in 5 days or less with any class or race in the Alliance.

Just think if you were to gain this coveted skill, you’d have the jump on your friends – they’d be blind-sided wondering how you got good so fast. Talk about sweet revenge!

Before I say more please allow me to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Brian Kopp and I’m a pro gamer. I eat, breath and sleep World of Warcraft (WOW).

And what I’ve discovered can open up a whole new dimension of WOW for you that amps up the excitement of the game to dizzying new heights.

The truth about World of Warcraft, as well as every other MMO on the market, is that the process to hit the end game level isn't as easy as you might hope but it’s a lot faster and easier in WOW.

These games all start out very promising, allowing you to gain levels very fast, and then it tapers off and becomes a long process of steep leveling curves. WOW itself doesn't participate in the steep curves to level.

By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of XP required to reach the next level and how it exponentially jumps up a lot to reach the next level. It usually starts off allowing you to level very fast and then at a certain level the XP jumps up at an increasingly fast rate until you're grinding for a week or more just for one level.


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