The today’s world is primarily dominated by communities with people of high IQ. Things should be taken into account is the capability of people to entirely understand a concept which is based on logic scientific proof. An individual without these things is more likely to disregard a theory and confute its validness. And once an individual can prove a concept using scientific experimentation and methods he can ultimately say it is actually a reality. But with a method like this, it completely makes people difficult to entirely comprehend and believe in spiritual science.

The Importance of a Thing Called Faith

Back to centuries ago, people believed that men’s achievements are in reality due to the force we can obtain through a thing called faith; and our faith can without doubt encompass any worldly concept we ever heard. Faith is basically what keeps an individual glorious and strong in the end. However, with proof and logic which limit our mind, it now becomes more and more challenging for us to believe generally in faith. With all the principles guiding worldly science, it makes it difficult for us to put our trust on a thing we cannot prove to be true scientifically. In addition, since our mind is hindered by what is visible, we cannot realize the existence of spiritual science.

The Undeniable Value of Worldly Science in Our Daily Life

In the world today, the value of worldly science can be undeniable. Many nations and communities are dependent on worldly science to bring their nations and communities into a developed state. Our lives, with rapidly growing technological inventions and breakthroughs, are becoming easier and easier. In addition to that, these latest discoveries and inventions have disproved old traditions and beliefs which people have had for thousands of years including spiritual science.

What Makes Spiritual Science Matter Rather than Worldly Science

Definitely spiritual science is infinite and much greater than worldly science. For sure, worldly science can be very helpful in people’s daily life and in make it general simpler for them; bur when a man passes away, that puts an end to all. Moreover, if there is something failing in the worldly science system, also it suggests the ending if it is not being repaired or replaced swiftly. However, not only does spiritual science govern people as they are still alive but also as they die. With a notion called "soul" which belongs to each individual on earth, spiritual science for sure does exist as well. And if a man becomes more blinded and obsessed with worldly science, from spiritual science he will estrange himself more.

In fact, what spiritual science has done to us is that it fundamentally inspires us into obtaining better things in our daily life; indoctrinating us into the development not only as a nation or community but also a world full of faith and humanity. With faith as the ground of human beings, human beings are then surely guided into the path of supremacy and righteousness.

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