The actual Absinthe (sometimes also called Absint or Absynthe) contains the herb Artemisia absinthium, also known as grand wormwood. Wormwood essential oils contain the ingredient "thujone". The amount of thujone in absinthe is limited by law.

In Absinthe Original Liquor store, they offer a wide selection of different styles of Wormwood Absinthe for sale. In this respect, this absinthe can be considered potent, but keep in mind that real absinthe made with wormwood contains thujone and thujone has psychoactive properties. So, prepare yourself for some strange visuals and proper absinthe experience.

The best Absinthe that they sell is King of Spirits Gold, simply the strongest absinthe on the market with 100 mg of psychoactive thujone and it is as close to the pre-ban, vintage absinthe as possible.

Absinthe should be used primarily because of its rich culture, fascinating taste, and, of course, unique drinking ritual. Absinthe made with a larger amount of wormwood has a stronger taste profile. Distilled absinthe is a bit bitter, but it also has a very delicious fragrant and floral taste. So you can say that strong absinthe tastes different than absinthe made with less absinthe.

Pre-ban absinthes contained up to 260 mg/l (ppm) of thujone, it is absolutely not truth that the level of thujone was low - it is a strong marketing gimmick spread by US producers and importers because US law does NOT allow to sell or import absinthe with more than 10 mg of thujone, which is technically thujone-free.

Genuine absinthe is a strong liquor distilled from three herbs (among others): These three herbs are the sacred trinity of Absinthe: Grande Absinthe, lat. Artemisia absinthium, fennel, and green anise. Various other herbs can be added depending on the specific recipe. The alcoholic strength of distilled alcohol is about. 68% / 138 test and the color is naturally green. You drink absinthe with ice water and a sugar cube. You don't drink it as a drink!

The taste of Wormwood Absinthe is licorice, due to fennel and anise. The wormwood plant makes absinthe a slightly bitter taste. This is also the reason why it is served with one or two cubes of sugar according to your preferences. Absinthe-flavored alcoholics, especially absinthe, were the "drink of the day" in France a hundred years ago.

The leaves of wormwood are silvery green and the plant grows up to 1.5 meters. The plant contains an essential oil whose ingredient is "thujone". Thujone was accused of causing mental illness, it was the official explanation for why Absinthe should and it was eventually banned. Thujone is not only found in the absinthe body. It is a monoterpenoid ketone that is also found in sage, tuja, and, according to some sources, a close relative of the southern tree.

But the real absinthe was legalized again. Why? Because absinthe-absinthe was stamped at the turn of the century. He was accused of social problems in society. He was the scapegoat for the anti-alcohol movement, which was great during this time. But the scientific facts are different, and that is why Absinthe was legalized again. Only very high doses of thujone have been shown to be a health threat.

Today you can buy Wormwood Absinthe online. There are some rumors that Absinthe was stronger in the past. But these are not rumors, it is a fact. Vintage absinthe was analyzed and found that it could contain higher amounts of wormwood, up to 260mg/l. If you find an online ad for Absinthes that contains no (zero, none, nada) thujone, this is nothing more than a scam. These bottles are fake absinthes, crapsinthes and should not be bought!

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