"SEEDBOX" is a term used for an anonymous server that is used to download or upload the torrents at the fastest speed that too completely anonymously. Moreover, every download you make is directly backed up in the server thus saving the hard drive space on your computers. So now you do not need to worry if you have heavy downloads or uploads to make as the its speed ranges from 8MB/s – 1250MB/s. If talking in downloading terms it would take only 2 minutes to download a full-length feature film in HD quality.

As any PC would, it utilizes the Bit Torrent convention to transfer and download content from downpour destinations. The main distinction is that these servers are constructed particularly for torrenting and they are found remotely in fast server centers. Once you get access to it you can directly download your torrents at high speed no matter what the bandwidth your internet is. When the downpour has downloaded on the Seedbox, it is facilitated there sitting tight for you to download it at whatever point you wish. Downloading is ordinarily done through an FTP or SFTP association with the Seedbox utilizing an FTP Client

• Primarily the foremost concern of a person using the internet is that his identity is kept unrecognized. This server is completely safe for untraced surfing as your original IP address is not used making the tracing very difficult.
• You can avail it 24/7 and download as much content as you want to according to what package you are using.
• It is made feasible for everyone thus a person could avail it separately and also share it and the bandwidth is divided equally to all the shareholders with the help of traffic limits.
• The speed limit is wondrous and does not affect your internet bandwidth.
• It acts as a great external disk that saves all of your downloads in its virtual server and does not takes up any space on your computer hence making it more smooth to run.
• It could be run on any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
• If you are worried about low speed or traffic on ISP than you must go for this service as it is not traceable by your ISP and you can smoothly download or upload your torrents at a fast rate without the snooping in of your ISPs.
• Some of the service providers also provide good VPN services as well so that you can download any torrent that is not available for your country. Also, it further helps your identity not being disclosed.
• Available at affordable price ranges with different packages.

Now that you know all about seedbox and its benefits then you must get it right away that is accurately compatible with your needs. And to choose the "best seedbox" you may search it online on its guide. There are hundreds of them on the list and you can choose them according to your preferences such as high speed, price, user-friendly, incognito and speed limit, etc

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