We all know that meditation is good for us. We hear it all the time. After meditating for over 20 years I had some interesting visions and experiences. Sometimes I would have a feeling of deep inner peace, but it was fleeting. More often than not sitting down for 20 minutes in a lotus position did very little for me. I often got restless.

Meditation expands the brain, creating wellness naturally.

Five years ago I met Gomati and Vasishta Ishaya. These two people have dedicated their lives to teaching a type of meditation called, Ishaya's Ascension. They visited my home in Georgia, from Florida to teach my daughter and I what they called "The First Sphere." After explaining to me the fundamentals I had an opportunity to try it. They told me that going into my heart and meditating from there using the Ascension Attitudes would create congruence in my brain. I lay down and Ascended. My very first time I went to a place of spaciousness and deep inner peace that I had never before attained in all my years of meditating. I was amazed. My daughter was 12 at the time and had an even deeper experience. Both of us had insomnia at times. Using the Ascension Attitudes and Ascending from our hearts we were both able to sleep deeply every night after that weekend. My daughter Ascended so deeply that we could not wake her up during her first experience. We left her sleeping for several hours. I did not realize how sleep deprived she had been. How could this be?

Since that first weekend when my daughter and I learned how to Ascend through the First Sphere course I have continued to choose the Ascension Attitudes daily. Sometimes with my eyes opened and usually with my eyes closed. Ascending 20 minutes is equal to getting 8 hours of sleep. Using Ascension has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I no longer lay awake worrying at night. My mind chatter has ceased. I am infinitely more calm and peaceful. I also found my relationship to The Divine was deepened. There are so many incredible changes that I have included part of Gomati and Vasistha's website in this article. If you have any questions about Ishaya's Ascension you can e-mail them directly. Their website is: http://www.AscendingtoOneness.com

Transform Your Life at the Ishayas First Sphere Weekend Course

The Ascension Attitudes are taught in a weekend format. Ascension weaves our connection to our Source, the Infinite, God, into every aspect of our daily lives, helping us to realize our full human potential Here and Now. This is not a religion. No belief is required to practice these techniques; they allow us to create from personal experience, not from abstract ideas.

The Course is taught in a two day and evening format. The following is covered:

How to reverse the ingrained habits of a lifetime.
How to access deeper levels of the mind and awareness.
How to get the full benefit of using the attitudes.
Why effort is not required.
How to practice Ascension most effectively.
The Praise Attitude

The first opportunity to experience what ascending is, rising above your limiting beliefs and judgments.
How does Ascension work?
Why does it work?
How stress is automatically released when the body sinks into a deep level of rest.
What are the nature of thoughts during Ascension?
How your nervous system can be completely cleared of the imbedded stress of a lifetime.
The Gratitude Attitude

Use that by itself, and in combination with the Praise Attitude.
The different States of Consciousness.
How to reach deeper levels of awareness.
Where we're headed as individuals and as groups.
Align your mind and heart.
Increase concentration and focus.
Eliminate Insomnia.
The Love Attitude

The opportunity to practice that for a while, first alone and then with the Praise and Gratitude Attitudes.
Recognizing subtle ways we have been playing small in different areas of our lives and how to reverse this.
Why we see an "inner world," an "outer world," and how to unify both.
What are further opportunities?
The Cognition Technique

The opportunity to fully practice and experience all you've received during the weekend.
Learn how to live in the moment.
Learn how to love yourself and others unconditionally.
Realize the incredible nature of who you really are. It's Time to Wake up!
Those who have taken the First Sphere Course and who are using the techniques regularly will understand that these are, in seed form, tools to transform their lives. By permanently removing root stresses from the nervous system, these few simple techniques will provide unlimited opportunities for the growth of consciousness.

The tradition of the Ishayas' Teachings is bountiful, however, and provides many avenues for accelerated awareness and growth. The path for faster growth is discussed during the weekend.

One Time Weekend Course Fee

One time Cost for the First Sphere course is US $300. At any time thereafter, as often as you wish, you may review a Weekend Course anywhere in the world at no further cost.

The Ishayas' First Sphere Course

The First Sphere is designed to heal the four fundamental engrained stresses that prevent us from evolving.

To take a First Sphere

Find a First Sphere Course time and location that works for you in the Calendar section. If none are listed, and you would like to find a venue closer to you, a home to hold the class, and find a number of people who commit to attending the class, we will bring the class to you.

If this is your desire, thank you for your willingness to gather those around you to experience this teaching together! When the Truth touches your heart in a very real way, it is natural to want to share your experience so others can benefit as well!

Notify us of your interest in having a course by email or phone
(813) 269-0687 or info@ascendingtooneness.com
Confirm the number of students coming and arrange a course date
Coordinate housing and, if needed, local transportation for the teachers who will be coming
Confirm deposits received for those attending
That’s really all there is to it. Your desire is first and foremost. From there, everything will flow naturally. It will happen! The whole Universe supports the Awakening of those who desire something more. And remember, we’re here to support you. You can contact us anytime. Thanks you so much for offering to share with others!

These are tools to transform life by permanently removing root stresses from the nervous system. The practice of Ascension will provide unlimited opportunities for the growth of consciousness. The tradition of the Ishayas' Ascension is bountiful and provides many avenues for accelerated awareness and growth. The path for faster growth is discussed during the weekend.

The books, "Ascension", "First Thunder", "Second Thunder", "Orah The Deathless Dancer", and "Enlightenment" written by MSI are available online and in bookstores.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, speaker, mystic and radio talk show host on Voice America internet radio INTO THE MYSTIC. She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Relationship Coach, Akashic Record consultant. Some of her clients are world famous authors and Spiritual Masters.

She has travelled all around the world studying with Masters and gurus.